Jaelan Phillips
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Miami Dolphins star pass rusher Jaelan Phillips began his college football career playing for the UCLA Bruins. He ultimately transferred to the Miami Hurricanes before entering the professional ranks as a first-round pick back in 2021.

You’d think that the 24-year-old linebacker would be accustomed to what comes with living down south. Apparently, that is not the case.

Phillips took to social media on Thursday to share a video of an iguana invading a toilet in his house. A big iguana.

Phillips opened the video by telling viewers, “Man, this is some Florida s**t if I have ever seen it.”

We’ve heard jokes about “Florida man.” Now, we have a video about some real “Florida s**t.”

Phillips continued by saying that he’s now going to have to look every time he uses the toilet. In reality, that’s just a good idea in the first place. You have absolutely no idea what’s going to be creeping.

Those of us who live in Las Vegas have nightmares of snakes coming up and biting us in one of the most-tender of areas. I guess it’s good that grown iguanas are mostly herbivores and feed off veggies.

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Jaelan Phillips’ Nightmare Fuel Is A Friendly Reminder: Watch Your Butt

Jaelan Phillips
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Some reading this might be reminded of that mean uncle growing up who told you to be aware of the toilet monster. It scarred this one scribe for pretty much his entire adolescence. Thanks, Matt and Kyle. You know who you are.

It now looks like Phillips will be doing a double take every time he sits on the pot.

As for the iguana, he had to spend a cool $150.00 to call on an exterminator.

“I just want to know if he came up through there like a Ninja Turtle, or if he was living in the garage or something,” Jaelan Phillips said.

Living in Florida, he might want to have that exterminator on speed dial.

You’re welcome.

But hey. At least, we don’t live in Australia.


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