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Scottie Scheffler and his wife Meredith welcomed a baby boy into the world on May 8th. His name is Bennett. Now the fun begins. Who happened to weigh in with some advice for Scottie? None other than Tiger Woods.

And as any new Dad at one point can attest, Tiger’s advice is totally relatable.

“As a dad who is a golf professional, what advice would you have for Scottie Scheffler?” Golf’s Nick Piastowski asked the 15-time major championship winner and father of two.

“Get some sleep,” Woods quickly replied.

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Not The Only Advice Tiger Woods Gave Scottie Scheffler

“Get some sleep” weren’t the only words of wisdom given to Scottie Scheffler by Tiger Woods, though they might very well be the most important.

As any new Mom or Dad will nod their head in agreement.

“I mean, he’s got obviously he and Meredith, fantastic, having their first, and those are — as all of us who have had children, those are some tough years ahead of them,” adds Woods.

“As I said, try and get some rest as much as you possibly can. He’s the No. 1 player in the world, and having a great, stable family life at home is important to having a great life out here on Tour.”

Woods can certainly speak to that. He won 14 of his 15 major championships prior to his cheating scandal in 2009. He’s only captured one title since – the 2019 Masters.

A stable family life surely helps the best player in the world maintain focus on his craft.

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Scheffler Set To Defend PGA Championship

Scheffler is set to return to the PGA tour after a three-week hiatus due to Meredith’s pregnancy. He feels he is primed to defend his PGA Championship title starting tomorrow at Valhalla Golf Course.

“I’m definitely rested going into this week, for sure. I don’t really feel like any rust has accumulated,” Scheffler said. “I’m able to do stuff at home to simulate tournament golf, especially on the greens, competing and gambling with my buddies. I don’t really want to lose to them, either, so I was able to simulate a little bit of competition at home.”

He is currently a 3-1 favorite to win his second straight major.

And why not? Prior to his leave, Scheffler was on an absolute tear, winning four out of his last five PGA Tour starts. 

The one tournament he didn’t win during that stretch – the Texas Children’s Houston Open – he finished tied for 2nd.

Scheffler took time to reflect on this amazing time in his life earlier in the week.

“I was sitting there with a newborn in my arms and the green jacket in the closet. It was a pretty special time,” he said. “But at the same time, I think the competitiveness in me doesn’t let me reflect too much, and I was trying to do my best to get ready to play this week.”

Woods, meanwhile, has entered a different phase of his golf career. He is a 125-1 longshot in the latest PGA Championship 2024 odds.

The highlight of his season may have been at the PNC Championship in December, when he got to play with his son Charlie Woods, while his daughter was along with them.

“I think the whole week, to be able to share it with my family,” Woods said at the time. “To have both my kids out there the last two days has been so special.”

Fatherhood is certainly a special thing for both men.

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