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Last month, it was announced that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce will be hosting the new game show Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?, which is a spinoff of the hugely popular Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Now, Travis is opening up about how he has been enjoying hosting the show so far.

Travis Discusses Hosting New Game Show

On the latest episode of his New Heights podcast, Travis discussed filming Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?, which hasn’t actually premiered on television yet.

“Did anybody win $100,000 can you disclose that?” asked Jason, 36.

“I can’t disclose that… but there [were] some f—— exciting contestants,” replied Travis, 34.

Travis went on to say that he had fun hosting the game show, the premise of which he described as having an adult contestant “rely on a classroom full of celebrities” to help them answer eleven questions from an elementary school-level curriculum in the hopes of winning a cash prize.

“It was a blast, man,” Travis gushed. “It was a blast shooting it, and to be honest I always wanted to do something with a game show.”

“Me and you, not only was it ESPN, but [we also watched] Game Show Network,” he added. “So many, so many good game shows. And I always wanted to be a part of it, whether I was a contestant, someone helping out or hosting one.”

Find out more about this in the video below.

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Travis Reveals His ‘Favorite Game Show’

When asked what his “favorite game” show is, Travis didn’t hesitate to respond The Price Is Right. As far as he’s concerned, it’s “untouchable.”

“I literally used to not want to go to school,” he recalled. “I would just tell mom that I’m sick, and then she would make me chicken noodle soup, Ritz crackers and at 10 a.m., I would be able to watch The Price is Right and Family Feud was right after that.” 

Jason opened up about his own favorite game show as well, saying that he “loved The Match Game.” Even though “they’ve tried to reinvent it…nothing has come close to the charm of the original one.” 

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Travis ‘Really Enjoyed This One’

“Congrats on hosting a game show Trav,” Jason stated at the end of the segment, with Travis responding, “Thank you, man. I think everyone is going to really enjoy this one.”

“It’s basically Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader but instead of actual fifth graders up there — and them getting questions wrong and you kind of feeling bad because a kid is up there and just got a question wrong on TV — it’s a celebrity and now you can make fun of them,” Travis concluded.

Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? is a 20-episode series that is being produced by MGM Alternative, a division of Amazon MGM Studios. It will air at some point on Amazon Prime.

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