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The recently retired  UFC legend Matt Brown is calling out the UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey for her behavior, telling her to show some humility.

Brown Sounds Off Against Rousey

Over the past few months, Rousey has been saying that multiple concussions led to her retirement. She’s also blamed a concussion for her infamous first loss in her fight against Holly Holm. Meanwhile, Rousey has claimed that the MMA media has vilified her to the point where she’d be booed if she ever showed up at a UFC event.

Brown, however, is not having any of it. He believes that Rousey needs to stop complaining and take some responsibility for herself.

“I mean the first thing that comes to my mind is what’s the problem?” Brown said on the podcast The Fighter vs. The Writer. “Like is she complaining? What’s the problem? Maybe people have said bad things about you. Welcome to being a human. Welcome to being famous. What did you expect?”

“I get where she’s bitter and can’t accept the loss and blaming it externally is always the wrong thing,” Brown continued. “Even if you were injured, and I can relate to this because it’s happened to me. I’ve been injured in fights. I’ve been sick.”

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Brown Doubles Down

Brown went on to explain that part of fighting is pushing through the pain when things aren’t going perfect physically.

“So for her to think that she’s special because she had a concussion, it’s just silliness,” he explained. “I could look at a loss, and I could give you all the reasons why I lost. But any time you say it out loud, it’s an excuse. It’s purely excuse.”

Brown added that Rousey’s comments are “just sad because she’s got to live with herself. That’s the sad part.”

“I’ve got losses. I’ve got way more losses than Ronda,” he continued. “I fought a lot more times than Ronda. But you don’t want to go around living that way, blaming other people for the way your life is or the way that you’re portrayed.”

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Brown Calls On Rousey To Show Some Humility

Brown also said that if Rousey could show just “a little bit of humility,” she’d be embraced by the UFC and fans again. If she did something like hire a public relations person, perhaps she’d start saying the right things publicly, according to Brown.

“But no one wants to hear the s*** that she’s saying,” he lamented.

Brown concluded by saying that though the MMA world wants to love Rousey, “she pushes us away. She pushes that away from her. I think every fan wants to love her.”

Check out Brown’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Rousey’s Concussion Complaints

Earlier this year, Rousey complained that she had to keep her concussions a “secret for years” so that she could keep fighting, according to CBS Sports. She described her concussions as being the reason why she had to retire in 2016 at the age of 29.

Rousey wrote about this extensively in her autobiography Our Fight, which came out last month. Watch her talk more about this in the video below.

Concussions are getting a lot of attention right now in various sports. It remains to be seen if the public will side with Rousey or Brown on this issue.

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