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I don’t know how these kids do it.

Of course, they’re not really kids, they’re adults. But they get thrown into a world of fame, ungodly money, and constant media attention in their early 20’s, and it has to be extremely difficult to navigate.

Especially if you are the current top star on the planet, like Caitlin Clark, who is just 22.

After dominating their rival Chicago Sky, the Indiana Fever guard was asked how she manages her mental health and all the attention and fame.

And she knocked it out of the park.

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Caitlin Clark: Cool Customer

If there’s one thing that can be said about Caitlin Clark’s career so far, it’s that she is a very cool customer. She faces the media head on. She gives honest answers. She doesn’t play games or act passive-aggressively.

Here’s a great example. She was asked how she handles the attention and fame.

Cool as a cucumber, here’s what she said:

“I feel like I’ve had to grow up pretty fast. I’m only 22 years old, I feel younger than that at times. And I’m trying to navigate moving to a new city by myself. I’m trying to navigate playing in a new league on top of everything else that has come with it.

You know, obviously I’ve been given a lot of amazing things in my life and that comes with great responsibility so it’s never anything I shy away from. But I think mental health is very important. And a lot of people – it’s something a lot of people in our country struggle with, especially young individuals. I think the biggest thing is, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I can’t accomplish everything in my life, and I’m not afraid to ask for help. For some people you know, today is just not my day. And that’s OK. Not every day has to be perfect, and there’s people around you that are always going to be there to support you…”

Sounds like a seasoned pro, doesn’t she?

Watch her full answer here:

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She’s Proving It On The Court, Too

To me, the most impressive thing about professional athletes is how they can compartmentalize their lives and their jobs.

Think of all the things in your life that drag you down. Maybe it’s something small, like a fight with a family member. Maybe it’s something much more serious, like a divorce or a tragedy.

Or maybe it’s just constant, unrequested media attention, like Caitlin Clark gets. She didn’t ask to be a superstar, or a target of jealous opponents and fodder for media attacks.

It’s never-ending for her – but she takes it all in stride. Whether that’s given a thoughtful answer to the media right after a game, or whether it’s getting walloped in the dome by Angel Reese.

But she’s able to do it all – even while she’s stuck inside this pressure chamber, she is balling out.

In their last game, against new rival Chicago Sky and fellow rookie Angel Reese, Clark put on a dominating performance on both offense and defense.

All in, she drained 23 points, eight rebounds, nine assists, and two blocks(!).

Some people are just built different. Caitlin Clark is one of those people.

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