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Comedian Michael Rapaport, like seemingly everybody else on the planet, has chimed in on the Caitlin Clark targeting story.

Clark got hammered by Chicago Sky player Chennedy Carter during a game this past weekend, outraging fans and prompting allegations that their newest star is being targeted.

Indiana Fever general manager Lin Dunn made just that accusation and demanded the WNBA “clean up the crap”.

Several NBA stars weighed in and were heavily critical of Clark’s teammates for not defending her. They believe the team needs an enforcer to protect their star.

Rapaport seems to be of the same mindset and expressed as much in typically hilarious fashion.

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Michael Rapaport On Caitlin Clark Needing A Goon: Where Is Charlize Oakley?

Rapaport said that while he’d like to become ‘Michelle Rapaport’ and serve as Caitlin Clark’s enforcer, it’s just not possible. He also ran down several examples in which he took famous NBA enforcers and cleverly changed their names.

“She needs an enforcer,” he said on a recent episode of the “I AM RAPAPORT” podcast. “And if it ain’t going to be me, Michelle Rapaport … Like, where is Charlize Oakley? Doesn’t her team have like a Zaveria McDaniels? Or a Rakesha Mahorn?”

Charles Oakley was a power forward for the Chicago Bulls primarily tasked with protecting Michael Jordan. Xavier McDaniel, likewise, served as an enforcer on various clubs, including the Seattle Supersonics and New York Knicks. And Rick Mahorn played with the “Bad Boys” in Detroit.

“She needs like, a goon on her team because when you’re a star player that’s bringing so much money, so much attention to the league,” he said of Clark. “Let’s not kid ourselves into not thinking the crowning jewel at this moment is Caitlin Clark.”

“When she’s getting the s— kicked out of her every single game and none of her teammates are at least running to say something to the other person,” Rapaport continued. “Like, ‘Yo, what the f— are you doing to our cash cow?'”

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Does She Need An Enforcer?

The ‘enforcer’ narrative has been prevalent ever since Carter blindsided Clark and dropped her to the floor. Rapaport however, has a different way with words as you’d expect.

Draymond Green, who is well known for his own physicality on the court with the Golden State Warriors, advised Clark’s Indiana Fever to “go get an enforcer”.

Matt Barnes, a 14-year veteran of the NBA who earned a championship with the Warriors in 2017, asked succinctly, “Where the f— are her teammates at?”

Carter took to social media and mocked those calling for the Fever to use somebody as an enforcer to protect Caitlin Clark.

“We grown asf & y’all talking about enforcer… man gtfoh, hoop or shut up” she wrote on X.

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