WNBA: Indiana Fever at Connecticut Sun
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Connecticut Sun guard DiJonai Carrington took a thinly veiled swipe at new WNBA fans drawn to the league by megastar Caitlin Clark on Monday, saying players in their league “do not just shut up and dribble.”

If there is anybody in the WNBA with a bigger personal grudge than Angel Reese, it seems to be Carrington.

In what appears to be a response to Reese’s flagrant foul on Clark, she took to X and posted an unprovoked take on the matter.

“Unfortunately for yall new fAnS, we do not just ‘shut up and dribble’ here,” she wrote. “Ya picked the wrong league.”

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DiJonai Carrington Mocks WNBA Fans

Notice the alternating capitalization of the word “fAnS”? She’s openly mocking new viewers of the league. The timing makes it very clear that she’s referencing the controversy from the Reese foul.

Have you ever in your life seen almost an entire league go after the one person who is increasing their fan base simply because of, as Shaq says, “professional jealousy“?

Carrington is without question encouraging fans not to watch the WNBA. The league she’s been in for four years. A person who absolutely nobody knew of prior to this season.

Of course, it goes without saying Carrington has a good reason to be jealous of Clark. The Indiana Fever guard, in her rookie season, is outscoring, out-rebounding, out-stealing, and delivering more assists per game.

Perhaps instead of taking jabs at Clark on social media, she should be asking for advice.

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She Mocked Caitlin Clark

DiJonai Carrington has been desperately seeking attention off the back of Caitlin Clark this season. During last week’s contest between the Sun and the Fever, she was booed by her own fans after mocking Clark on the floor.

She also tried to create a racial issue out of Clark suggesting the rookie would rather ignore people using her to push an alleged agenda and focus on basketball instead.

“How one can not be bothered by their name being used to justify racism, bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia & the intersectionalities of them all is nuts,” Carrington wrote.

“We all have a platform. We all have a voice & they all hold weight. Silence is a luxury.”

Silence is probably Carrington’s best option at this point.

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