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Everette Sands, an assistant football coach at the Citadel, recently competed in the Korn Ferry Tour’s BMW Charity Pro-Am golf tournament. As did Texas Longhorns legend and former NFL quarterback Vince Young.

So when the Golf Channel opted to interview Sands, he must have been thrilled about the chance to speak about his golf game. That is until the first question came.

“Six seasons in the NFL, arguably one of the best NCAA quarterbacks of all-time at Texas, picked up golf about four years ago,” reporter Lauren Withrow said. “What’s the biggest shift you’ve made going from the ultimate team sport to the ultimate individual sport?”

The biggest shift would most likely be trying to feverishly remember having one of the best careers in Texas football history.

Withrow, it seems, thought Sands was actually Young.

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Sands Explains He’s Not Vince Young, But He Also Loves Golf

To his absolute credit, Sands handled the situation like a pro. He even apologized to the reporter for her gaffe. Then, he smoothly transitioned into a commentary about the game of golf.

“Now, I apologize,” Sands replied. “You have the wrong person. I’m Everette Sands. Which, I’m a football coach. But, the thing is, the great thing about golf is I’m not only competing against myself but I’m competing against everybody else.”

There were a lot of pauses as the two walked along awkwardly trying to navigate an interview built on false hopes for the reporter and those watching.

And to the Golf Channel reporter’s credit, she too was able to smoothly pivot into at least one question tailor-made golf question for Vince Young’s apparent doppelganger.

“This is your first Pro-AM ever playing in, what’s the best part about being out here?” Withrow asked.

“Being out here is a great thing,” Sands replied. “Having an opportunity to play with some professional golfers is an intimidating thing but also a great thing.”

Segment somewhat saved. Then, that was that. Because, well, it wasn’t Vince Young.

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Sands Takes It In Stride

Considering the circumstances, Sands took things in stride. He even posted a funny comment on X reflecting his excitement over being interviewed at the golf tournament, even if they had to learn the hard way that they hadn’t scored an interview with Vince Young.

“Had a great time at the [BMW Pro-Am] today. I even got interviewed after one of the holes today!!!” he wrote.

As Larry the Cable Guy might say, ‘I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.’

Sands gave further details in an interview with WCIV afterward, in which he revealed that when Withrow came up to him and said “Vince”, he thought she was introducing herself.

Yea, she definitely looks like a Vince, my man.

“Young lady came up and she said, ‘Vince,’ which I thought she was introducing herself to me,” he revealed.

“She said, ‘Can I get an interview after you tee off? And I was like, ‘Sure.’ I teed off and she came up and she started talking about being one of the best quarterbacks in the NCAA and playing for Texas and six-year NFL career and I was like, ‘She thinks I’m Vince Young.’

Sands said he spoke to Vince Young about the incident. The real one.

“Vince came up, I said, ‘Hey, Vince, how you doing? My name is Vince Young,’” Sands said. “He just sort of smiled, I said, ‘But let me tell you the story behind this.’ He did get a good chuckle out of it.”

We all did.

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