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Houston Texans wide receiver Tank Dell is looking forward to his sophomore season with the up-and-coming team. Dell was brilliant catching passes from fellow rookie C.J. Stroud last season, tallying 709 yards and seven touchdowns.

Unfortunately, Dell’s first full offseason as an NFL player included him being the victim of a shooting in Florida back in April.

Dell had to be hospitalized after suffering minor wounds in the Sanford, Florida, shooting. We haven’t heard much more from the star pass-catcher or his team since the shooting took place outside of a statement the Texans released when it became public record.

“We have been made aware that Tank Dell was a victim of a shooting in Sanford, Fla. last night. He sustained a minor wound but has been released from the hospital and he is in good spirits,” the Texans said in a statement at the time. “We are in contact with him and his family and will provide more updates when appropriate but we ask that you please respect his privacy att his time.”

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Houston Texans Star Tank Dell Opens Up About Shooting

Houston Texans wide receiver Tank Dell
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Dell was an innocent bystander when shots rang out in Sanford late this past April. In all, 10 people were shot. In talking about the mass shooting during the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Dell detailed what happened.

“To me, it was just wrong place, wrong time. I went back to see my mom, I wasn’t even planning to go to the little pool party or whatever, but my boys saw that I was home, so they hit me up and was like ‘pull up to the party.’ They told me there was going to be security, people getting checked at the door, stuff like that. So, I’m like, ‘All right, cool.’ It’s a good vibe, and there was a lot of people that I know in there, so it was cool,” Dell said.

“And then that s**t just popped off out of nowhere. It just went south out of nowhere. And I thought I removed myself from the situation. When you see on the video, when I ran across I thought I removed myself from the little situation of the altercation when they was fighting, but I put myself in the middle of two people, and it just went crazy.”

Dell has since made a full recovery and has been spotted at practices with his teammates during Texans organized team activities (OTAs). Outside of the mental damage that comes with being a victim of a mass shooting, it does seem that Dell is fine physically.

On the field, Houston is relying on Dell to continue improving. The team added star wide receive Stefon Diggs to the mix in a trade with the Buffalo Bills. It has to be seen as one of the most-talented young teams in the NFL. Dell is obviously a big part of that.

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