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File this one under ‘relatable content.’

James Harden went viral for a video that surfaced from the wedding of retired NBA player Rajon Rondo. The former point guard for the Boston Celtics married his longtime girlfriend, Latoia Fitzgerald.

As such, the bride took part in a traditional wedding celebration in which she tossed her bouquet of flowers to all the single ladies. And Fitzgerald launched those suckers.

The flowers cleared several ladies and landed well in the back at the feet of Harden’s girlfriend, Paije Speights. The Los Angeles Clippers guard almost required surgery to place his eyeballs back in his head once he realized what had happened.

Tradition states that whichever single lady catches the bouquet toss will be next to tie the knot. As Speights hugged her man, Harden’s facial expression never changed.

Too funny!

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James Harden Terrified As Girlfriend Catches Bouquet At Wedding

Like I said, relatable content. We’ve all attended a wedding with a date where there were no wedding bells in the future at one point in our lives.

How relatable? The clip has been viewed nearly 13 million times since it was posted.

According to Sportskeeda, Harden and Speights have been dating since 2017. Maybe it’s time to pull the trigger, James. It’s a sign.

Onsite posted that Speights wasn’t even trying to get the bouquet and it still landed right at her feet, right where she could grab it.

“I do this s— with no effort,” she said.

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Fans Had Some Fun With The Video

Basketball fans who saw the video of James Harden at the wedding had an absolute field day in the comments.

“Bro literally terrified,” one person wrote. “I’m cryin’.”

Another lamented, “He saw the strip club doors closing right in front of his eyes.”

“Bro is avoiding a ring at ALL costs,” an account quipped which, may or may not be a reference not only to a wedding ring but also a championship ring.

It’s not the first time Harden has delivered meme material. He got poked in the eye during Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets in 2019.

The images are often used almost on par with the Michael Jordan crying meme.

Maybe that’s how he eventually looked once it sank in that his girlfriend caught the bouquet at the wedding.

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