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It sure sounded strange to hear that the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t be allowed to wear green during their upcoming season opener in Brazil.

After all, both teams’ primary color is, well, green.

Hearing it from Packers running back Josh Jacobs, players (and teams) are supposedly banned from wearing green due to local soccer hooligans and gangs.

But this isn’t true, according to the NFL – who has been in damage control for a few days now.

Watch Jacob’s comments here:

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NFL Denies Ban on Green for Packers/Eagles

The NFL was forced to respond to Jacobs’ comments about green being banned.

See, there’s a “sometimes” ban on green in the Sao Paulo stadium where the game will be held. If you, an American, aren’t aware of the hilarious and amazing world of soccer hooliganism, check out this book.

But this ban only relates to soccer and their associated firms and gangs. Not the NFL. Allegedly.

A spokesman for the league said that fans and players are indeed allowed to wear their colors, and predicts “you will see a stadium full of fans wearing the green of the Eagles and the green of the Packers.”

The Packers have throwback uniforms of blue and gold, and the Eagles have alternate black uniforms, just for the record. But how many fans have blue Packers gear or black Eagles gear?

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Just Get Rid of These Stupid Games

With my deepest apologies to our cousins in England and our friends in Germany and Brazil, these international games are stupid and a blight on the league.

They’re played at odd hours due to the time zone changes. The football is usually bad. The matchups usually stink. Someone loses a very, very valuable home game. (Though this probably would affect the Packers more than any other team, given how tiny Green Bay is – and the Eagles are the home team for this one.)

And now we have to deal with roving gangs of soccer hooligans who may or may not be offended by the colors of the foreign teams coming to play?

I get that the NFL is desperate for some reason to create low-grade foreign leagues for football. It’s in their interest to expand.

But it’s in the fans’ interest to watch their teams comfortably at a normal hour. It’s in the fans’ interest to be able to go see their home team in their home stadium, and boost the local communities with that revenue. And most fans don’t have the loot to just pick up and fly to another continent for a game.

What, exactly, do we fans get out of a Brazil game?

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