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Red Sox first baseman Triston Casas gave what might have been one of the wildest interviews you’ll ever see on Father’s Day. It involved child services being called on his father, followed by his arrest by local police.

And it was a heartwarming story. No seriously, just stick it out until the end.

Casas revealed that when he was six years old he got a lesson in not feeling sorry for yourself. And it was delivered rather bluntly by his Dad.

“You know, I get out one day and I come back to the dugout crying, pissed, and you know, that’s what a six-year-old does,” he recalled. “He sits on the bench and he cries and he doesn’t want to go out there when his team’s playing defense.”

“So, my dad, being the dad that he is, trying to teach me the lessons that he did in his own special way, came into the dugout. He actually grabbed me by the shirt, dragged me to the line, and Looney Tunes-style kicked me out onto the field.”

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Triston Casas’ Father’s Day Story Is A Beauty

That guy, Papa Casas, is old school. Clearly. And things got even crazier as Triston told the story. Apparently, one of the other parents saw the boot onto the field and called the authorities.

“And actually had one of my best friends I went to high school with later, he ended up playing pro ball, his mom actually called child services on my dad and had him arrested at the field,” he continued. “No, no, no, for real, this is no joke.”

“I see my dad go away in the cop car, gets arrested, spends the night in jail.”

At this point, the announcers who set up the Father’s Day dugout interview had to be thinking, ‘My God, what have we done?’

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The Moral To The Story

After scaring the interviewers into oblivion, Triston Casas finally pivoted to the point. The moral of this story so to speak. And that moral is this – stop whining and get back on the field.

“That taught me a super valuable lesson that not a lot of people know and it’s that I had a responsibility to my teammates, I had a responsibility to my coaches, to the parents that showed up that day, all the fans who were at that Little League game, or whatever it may be, to go out there and give my best effort no matter how I was feeling on the bench,” he said.

“No matter what I was going through that day or whatever little hardship I was feeling when I got out that I still apply every time, because sometimes I just want to sit down on this bench after I get out and I want to weep and I want to cry, but that’s not how baseball is.”

Casas concluded, “So, yeah, I love my dad to death. I wouldn’t have this opportunity without him.”

Everybody now … Awwww.

Casas revealed that the Mom who called child services on his father would later apologize when he was playing in high school.

Casas has been sidelined with a rib injury since April 20th. It’s a tough break for the 24-year-old slugger, who was just starting to find his groove at the plate.

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