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Rumors are swirling that the Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce could be preparing to propose to his pop star girlfriend Taylor Swift. This comes after he talked about wedding planning on the latest episode of his New Heights podcast.

Travis Talks Weddings

On the latest episode of their podcast, Travis and his older brother Jason read out an advertisement for the wedding-planning company Zola.

“[Zola] knows that the pressure of planning a perfect wedding can be stressful,” said Jason, a former wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. “Ain’t that the truth.”

Jason knows a thing or two about wedding planning. He has been married to his wife Kylie since 2018, according to Daily Mail.

Travis chimed in to slowly say, “And no one… currently understands that pressure better than our very own [New Heights employee] Jets Jake.”

The brothers went on to talk about their producer’s upcoming wedding and the massive planning that has gone into it.

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Swifties Respond Online

This was enough to have Taylor’s fans, who are known as Swifties, to completely meltdown. They lost it as they speculated that weddings are clearly on Travis’ mind.

“New heights accepting a wedding planner as a sponsor sissies you have lost your … mind,” one social media user commented. “also that delivery deserves jail time because that would’ve been the most sick and twisted way to drop the nuke you ABSOLUTE PSYCHOS.”

“I just find it interesting overall, that there’s a wedding topic on New Heights – and Travis has a lot of advice to give,” a second user commented. A third added, “For a guy who isn’t married and allegedly never planned a wedding he did have a lot to say for sure lol.”

The title of this episode even started with the words “Travis’ new ring.” Though this ended up being a reference to the Super Bowl ring that Travis and the Chiefs received last week, this indicates that he’s leaning into the potential speculation about him proposing to Taylor.

Travis and Taylor first went public with their relationship in September of last year. From there, she became a fixture on the sidelines of his Chiefs games. Taylor later cheered his team on all the way to their Super Bowl victory in February.

Once the NFL season was over, Travis and Taylor traveled the world together. He joined her on various stops on her Eras Tour across Australia, Asia, and Europe.

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Conflicting Reports Of A Summer Proposal

Back in January, Page Six alleged that Travis and Taylor were planning to get engaged this summer.

“Taylor and Travis discussed it and there is a plan,” an insider claimed at the time. “They will get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July.”

However, another source quickly fired back by saying that “there are still no plans for an engagement. It’s still new, and they’re happy and still getting to know each other,” according to Elle Magazine.

Indeed, Travis and Taylor are arguably the most popular couple in the world right now. There are millions of eyes on them at all times. Should Travis actually follow through with proposing to Taylor, they might just have the wedding of the century!

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