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All good things must come to an end. It’s just a fact of life.

So it was with Joey Chestnut’s amazing feats at the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. And same with Takeru Kobayashi, actually.

But that also means it’s time for a new champion to emerge – and he has!

Pat Bertoletti Wins Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

With Chestnut and Kobayashi out of the way, the road was wide open for a new champion. Pat Bertoletti drove right down Broadway.

With 58 hot dogs! Goodness gracious, can you even imagine?

It’s one thing to go down to Coney (after having escaped the Baseball Furies) have a couple brewskis, get your face painted up like a turtle, and watch some other dudes house 50 dogs. But can you imagine doing it?

What do they do afterwards? Writhe in pain? Bran muffins and coffee?

At any rate, Bertoletti’s 58 dogs is very impressive. For comparison, last year Joey Chestnut only managed four more than that.

Which is to say, even if Chestnut were competing this year, the new king Bertoletti had more than a puncher’s chance at downing those delicious golden glizzies.

All hail Bertolleti, our new hot dog overlord!

Watch him in all his glory:

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What Happened to Joey Chestnut?

So why wasn’t Joey Chestnut competing, anyway?

Well, if you can believe it, it’s because he signed with a sponsorship deal with a vegan hot dog company. Sounds like automatic deportation from the Grand Old USA, eh? Sadly, no.

However, it was enough to get Chestnut’s invitation to Nathan’s “lost in the mail.”

The hot dog overlords must have gotten a lot of pushback though, since Major League Eating eventually reversed their decision.

By that time, though, Joey Chestnut had already made new plans: a hot dog eating contest against American soldiers in El Paso!

And while not an official event, he proved he’s still a major threat: he managed to down 57 dogs this year.

But in only half the time – five minutes!

Watch out for a Chestnut Revenge Tour next year, Bertoletti!

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