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Bailey Lux is a 14-year-old girl from Iowa who has been battling cancer. She has a rare form of sarcoma called MPNST, which has required her to undergo radiation treatments and surgery.

It is her second time battling the cancer. She is one brave little lady.

On Tuesday, the Indiana Fever invited Lux to their game against the Las Vegas Aces, where she was made an honorary member of the team and received a custom jersey.

The touching moment was made possible for Bailey through the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

She also got to meet her favorite players, including Fever rookie Caitlin Clark and Aces rookie Kate Martin.

Clark, who signed Lux’s jersey, told the Las Vegas Journal-Review that despite her battles, “Lux always has a smile on her face.”

And she was all smiles as she hung out with some of the biggest stars in the WNBA.

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Caitlin Clark Helps Make-A-Wish Dream Come True

Caitlin Clark is always making time for her fans and her interaction with Bailey during her Make-a-Wish experience is yet another example of the class she continues to carry herself with even as a rookie.

Lux presented Clark with a gift of her own – a photo album that she made before leaving to join the Fever at the Aces game. The album consisted of photos of both Clark and Martin.

Bailey said she went to some of her favorite player’s games back in 2022 when they were playing for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

“I went to all the home games while I was getting treated at the U of I hospital,” she said, adding that she and Clark had developed a bit of a relationship even before this Make-a-Wish trip.

“I just kept getting to meet her and see her at games and it was a really good experience for me to see her,” she recalled. “Honestly, it was a really fun experience and I really miss Caitlin.”

“It just felt good to see her again and be back in, like, her presence again.”

We’re betting it felt just as good for Clark to see Bailey once more as well!

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Martin Added To The Smiles

Aces guard Kate Martin also put a smile on Bailey’s face, with the Journal-Review reporting that she “beamed” in her presence as well.

Martin also played for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Her Aces teammates all signed a WNBA basketball for the young cancer survivor and fighter.

“I get to tell people, ‘Oh, yeah, I talk to Kate. Me and her are pretty good friends,’” Lux said.

According to the report, Martin and Clark visited with Bailey after advancing to the Sweet 16 in 2022, and during the girl’s first course of radiation.

Clark played Mario Kart with her.

“She was no different than any other kid, just playing Wii,” Clark said Monday. “Obviously I’ve known her for a while, and I’m just trying to be as supportive as I can. I know this is something she’s really looking forward to.”

“Like, this is what her wish was, to come to this game and to see me and Kate. I think that puts basketball, and even life, into perspective.”

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