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Livvy Dunne is almost certainly the most popular female gymnast in America. She is immensely talented, and looks like Gary and Wyatt created her on their home computer.

That’s why some are wondering why she won’t be representing the Stars and Stripes this summer in Paris.

Livvy Dunne Explains Olympics Absence

But you won’t have to wait for curiousity to kill you to find out why Livvy isn’t on Team USA.

She explained it herself in a new video.


@livvy Snubbed fr😔 #foryou #gymnastics #olympics #paris ♬ Star Spangled (Bass Boosted) – SNC

Talent, beauty, and jokes are a killer combination. You have to love someone that famous who is still able to stay humble. Plus, some of those falls look downright terrifying – especially the faceplant we see directly from the camera’s point of view.

I don’t know about you folks, but I wouldn’t even get on those even bars, much less fling my body up and around and backwards without looking.

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Livvy Dunne’s Future Plans

With her summer plans figured out, it’s time for Livvy to decide on next fall’s plans.

She still has one year of eligibility at LSU, where she just helped the team to their first ever national championship last year.

Dunne told the New York Post that she is thinking about taking the year of eligibility, but she’s not sure yet: “I am thinking about it… But I do have eligibility,” she said. She also clarified that she didn’t actually try out for the Olympic team, saying, “I don’t think I’m going to try for the Olympics or anything after, since I once competed for Team USA and I closed that chapter and went to LSU.”

As a decent NIL earner at around $3 million, it must be a tough choice. She could make megabucks going back to LSU for another year.

Whatever she chooses to do, I am positive that she will remain famous, if only from her social media following.

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