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We’re not going to debate the relative GOAT status of LeBron James. Suffice it to say, he’s the best basketball player currently playing.

He may indeed end up being the best ever. But to even be in the conversation means something. And so it means something when LeBron offers sage advice and wisdom, as he recently did for WNBA All-Star Caitlin Clark.

LeBron James Offers Advice to Caitlin Clark

While Caitlin Clark isn’t quite yet in the conversation for best overall player in the WNBA, she is absolutely a sure-fire pick for Rookie of the Year.

Even so, she is a rookie, and she’s still learning the ropes. Heck, she didn’t even get an offseason before being thrown into the crucible of professional basketball.

And so she should be vacuuming up as much advice and wisdom as possible. Enter LeBron.

On the Mind the Game podcast, LeBron offered this advice to Caitlin:

“My advice to Caitlin… Be a horse, Kentucky Derby. Put your blinders on. Go to work. Show up to work. Punch your clock in. Prepare yourself. Work on your game, work on your craft. Keep your mouth shut and learn from the vets.”

I bet you didn’t think LeBron could be so succinct and clear! That is, frankly, great advice. There are so many distractions it can be easy to lose traffic of the goal: the game.

LeBron also praised Clark and her partner in crime, Fever forward/center Aliyah Boston: “I hope she (Caitlin) kills. I hope Aliyah Boston does amazing. She’s a great talent. She seems like a great gal,” James said.

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Is Caitlin Clark Already Taking LeBron James’ Advice?

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks as though Caitlin Clark has been taking LeBron’s advice.

She can be a bit of a smack talker on the court, but afterwards it’s all humility.

Take this recent episode after she scored the first rookie triple-double in WNBA history. Speaking to the press with who else but Aliyah Boston, Clark gave all the glory to her teammates.

After praising her teammates as the ones who actually convert her passes to assists and points, Boston had to step in and let Clark know that she deserves some of the glory herself.


So it seems that Clark is already following LeBron’s good advice. Hopefully we will continue to see that going forward!

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