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The gymnastics sensation Olivia “Livvy” Dunne surprised her boyfriend Paul Skenes after learning that the Pittsburgh Pirates rookie had made the MLB All-Star team.

Dunne Surprises Skenes

Skenes managed to make the NL All-Star team after just 10 starts in the bigs. When the news of this dropped on Sunday, Dunne wanted to surprise Skenes with a small celebration.

Dunne, 21, took to social media multiple times to express how proud she was of Skenes, who made MLB history as the first player ever to be selected No. 1 overall and then be granted All-Star honors the very next year. She kicked off her tributes to Skenes by sharing the MLB’s post about him being selected as an All-Star along with the caption, “he’s an ALL STAR!”

Dunne then took to her Instagram Story to show off the surprise that she had in store for Skenes. She posted a photo of gold letter balloons that spelled out “ALL STAR” alongside the pizza and champagne that she had on the kitchen counter. 

On TikTok, Dunne posted a video showing Skenes coming home to the surprise. He was all smiles as he hugged Dunne in the kitchen while they celebrated this incredible career milestone of his.

“Surprising my bf after finding out he’s an MLB All Star,” she captioned the video.

Check out that video below.

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Skenes’ Baseball Career

Skenes, 22, made his MLB debut last month when his team took on the Chicago Cubs. In his first game, he struck out seven hitters in four innings. Since then, Skenes become one of the best pitchers in the MLB, generating a 2.12 ERA over 10 starts. He has struck out 78 hitters while also walking just 12 over 59.1 innings. 

“You definitely can’t expect it,” Skenes said of being named as an All-Star. “I think it’s just a product of being present and doing the work that it takes, that kind of thing. The expectation was definitely to win the national championship when we were there. That was the only thing that we wanted to do. 

“But in terms of getting drafted first overall, getting called up whenever I was called up, and now the All-Star game, there were no expectations for me,” he added. “It’s kind of just about doing as much as I can and allowing others to make the decision for me.”

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Dunne And Skenes’ History

Dunne and Skenes revealed their relationship to the world in August of 2023. They met at Louisiana State University through mutual acquaintances. Dunne has been a staple on the sidelines of his baseball games ever since.

“I have so many amazing memories with him, but I know how hard he’s worked for this moment,” she said after he became a Pittsburgh Pirate. “{All the hours, I just know what a hard worker he is. This is probably one of my favorite moments I’ve ever seen. Seriously, there is nothing that can top this. I’m just so proud.”

This is clearly a very exciting time for both Skenes and Dunne. We wish Skenes the best of luck as an all-star!

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