George Costanza Bobblehead
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We know George Costanza always wanted to be an architect. While his dreams of living out life as Art Vandelay never came to fruition, the Seinfeld star left behind a legacy that hasn’t been forgotten. Thanks to the New York Yankees’ appreciation for the legendary TV sitcom show about nothing, Costanza’s antics will live on a little bit longer.

The Bronx Bombers have some sort of Seinfeld promotion each year at Yankee Stadium. This year’s edition delivered a masterfully done George Costanza bobblehead giveaway on Friday night against the Boston Red Sox.

Unfortunately, the giveaway was limited to just the first 18,000 fans in attendance. For a ballpark with a capacity of 46,537, this became a problem. It didn’t take long for lines to form around the block as thousands of fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest piece of Seinfeld memorabilia representing Jason Alexander’s character on the award-winning show.

But we don’t blame them, this Seinfeld George Costanza bobblehead is awesome.

With the giveaway being offered in a limited capacity, those who missed out on the opportunity still have a chance to get in on the fun. There are already several Costanza bobbleheads being sold on Ebay. As of this posting, fans can expect to pay north of $100 for their Costanza bobblehead.

Other fans who showed up hoping to see a good ballgame got what they asked for. But Yankees fans still went home on a sour note, like Costanza refusing to go up for coffee because he didn’t know coffee didn’t really mean coffee. Ultimately, Boston got the last laugh, defeating the Yankees 5-3 in extra innings.

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