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The Washington Commanders, responding to fan feedback, are making a move to bring back gold pants in their uniforms during the 2024 NFL season.

Sure, fans also hate the team name, but darn it – the burgundy & gold uniforms are back to placate them!

“As a nod to the franchise’s history, the Washington Commanders are bringing back the signature gold pants and will include them in their uniform combinations this season,” a franchise statement reads.

“The decision was made after hearing from several fans who wanted to see the iconic look return to the team.”

The team also posted several images of the new (old?) uniform colors on social media.

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Washington Commanders Uniform Announcement

Granted, the new unis look pretty sharp. And calling back to old uniform designs can be a really cool concept for fans and – let’s face it – is a money-making opportunity for the club.

That said, we’re not sure gold pants are going to help the team with their struggles. They’re still the same club posting a 19-31 record over the past three years.

They’ll just look a little better on the field when they’re posting a losing record. Perhaps it will motivate them. The Commanders’ announcement itself links the gold pants to success.

“Washington’s gold pants have historically been a staple of Washington’s uniform since they moved from Boston to the DMV in 1937,” they explain.

“The franchise had some of its best years while wearing them, putting together two NFL championship seasons in 1937 and 1942.”

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Not All Throwbacks Are Created Equal

While the Washington Commanders listened to the fans when it came to these gold pants, they’ve been blatantly ignoring them on other matters.

Remember when head coach Dan Quinn created a storm of controversy after sporting a t-shirt that featured his team’s current logo mixed in with parts of the old Redskins logo?

Yea, the fans were digging the shirt. The team had to issue a statement apologizing for it.

Not to mention, the entire Washington fan base hates the team’s name. But they sure aren’t planning a return in that regard either and rubbed it in by saying they were sticking with the Commanders.

Marjorie Harris, wife of majority owner Josh Harris, said the team has decided to stick with the name. Despite polls showing it is universally despised.

Harris said the nickname couldn’t be addressed because “we have a lot of work to do.”

Priorities, you see, like designing new pants. Hail to the Commanders!

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