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Nicolas Henderson/Flickr/Public Domain
Jan 3, 2024
There’s good news for those wanting to attend the¬†College Football Playoff¬†championship game between Washington and Michigan. Now that the teams […]
Olivia Dunne via Athletic Focus YouTube, screenshot
Sep 11, 2023
Olivia Dunne, a true product of the social media generation, college sports enthusiasm, and an insane amount of NIL deals, has secured for herself a financial future that even most professional athletes will never get close too. Now, she thinks she’s done enough hard work flipping and twisting in air and can move onto other things with her giant bag of money in tow.
Angel Reese via The Pivot Podcast YouTube, screenshot
Aug 28, 2023
It must be hard being a millionaire celebrity while also trying to have a “normal” college life, because according to LSU women’s basketball star and viral sports influencer Angel Reese, she’s so popular that she has had to resort to taking her course load online in order to avoid fans on campus.
Riles Gaines
Riley Gaines via Fox News YouTube
Aug 7, 2023
A college professor at the University of British Columbia is under fire after receiving massive backlash for a tweet calling for small children to be forcefully exposed to adult genitalia in order to force assimilation into accepting transgenderism.