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Screenshots: Maury Show and WFAA
Feb 29, 2024
Dallas County judge orders Jerry Jones to take a paternity test in ongoing legal dispute.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones | SCREENSHOT: PNJ Video/YouTubeCredit: PNJ Video on YouTube
Jan 17, 2024
NFL analyst Robert Griffin III went overboard when he stated that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should hire Prime Time as…
Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy (2021) | SCREENSHOT: Dallas Cowboys/YouTubeCredit: Dallas Cowboys on YouTube
Jan 10, 2024
Last year, Mike McCarthy discussed his tenure with Green Bay a LOT heading into the postseason, and he says it's…
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones | SCREENSHOT: Audiorama/YouTubeCredit: Audiorama on YouTube
Jan 9, 2024
Despite winning the NFC East, Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy still hasn't been guaranteed to return next year by Jerry…
Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb
Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb | SCREENSHOT: Clip Heaven/youtubeCredit: Clip Heaven on YouTube
Jan 1, 2024
Following a franchise-finest 227-yard game against the Lions, Dallas Cowboys superstar CeeDee Lamb is being drug tested by the NFL.
Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott | SCREENSHOT: Clip County/youtube
Nov 16, 2023
With quarterback Dak Prescott on perhaps the hottest run of his career, are the Cowboys set for a trip to…
Robert Griffith III | Washington Redskins | YouTube
Sep 27, 2023
ESPN analyst Robert Griffith III thinks the Cowboys would be in much better shape in 2023 if they hadn't let…
Jerry Jones' one-on-one conversation with Todd Archer | Screenshot: NFL Countdown
Sep 26, 2023
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be featured in virtual mode in a new exhibit where fans can interact with him...…
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shares why his team traded for QB Trey Lance | WFAA
Sep 7, 2023
Jerry Jones pulled the trigger on a trade for former 49ers first-round draft pick Trey Lance late on Friday night,…