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Riley Gaines
Source: Fox News YouTube
Mar 15, 2024
The former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines is opening up about suing NCAA, saying “it is time we fight back.”
Riley Gaines
Source: Fox News YouTube
Mar 14, 2024
Riley Gaines is suing the NCAA over its transgender policies in an effort to “fight for the very essence of women’s sports.”
Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill
Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill | SCREENSHOT: Clip Heaven/youtubeCredit: Clip Heaven on YouTube
Feb 28, 2024
Only Fans “influencer” Sophie Hall is suing Tyreek Hill for breaking her leg during what was supposed to be a backyard football practice session last summer.
Dwight Howard | SCREENSHOT: DB Hooper/YouTube
Oct 30, 2023
In a bizarre, breaking story, the NBA’s Dwight Howard is answering questions about sexual assault involving a male victim
Michael Oher | SCREENSHOT: CBN News/YouTube
Oct 6, 2023
The writer of the biography of Michael Oher says he can’t believe the ex football star is pursuing legal action against the Tuohy family
Former Cowboy Michael Irvin was back in the saddle at The NFL Network this week | Cherry Craft
Sep 15, 2023
After a settlement with Mariott Hotels over an alleged 2022 incident, Cowboys great Michael Irvin is back in the saddle at the NFL Network
Brandon Rivers and Sandra Bullock in a scene from 'The Blind Side' (2009) | Warner Bros. Studios
Aug 16, 2023
The Michael Oher Saga continues to add new twists and turns, as the family he has accused of defrauding him is now firing back
Matt Araiza via CBS 8 San Diego YouTube
May 10, 2023
After having the criminal charges against him dropped, former Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza now has to undergo a stressful process of fighting the civil lawsuit against him for an alleged gang rape at a college party that occurred when Arazia and the plaintiff were attending San Diego State University at the same time. However, based on new information, that might be over soon, and potentially in Araiza’s favor.
George Foreman via ESPN YouTube
Jul 14, 2022
Former two-time boxing world heavyweight champion, Olympic gold medalist, and entrepreneur George Foreman is facing head on some severe accusations from several women threatening to sue him for sexual abuse, claims which Foreman states are an attempt at extortion.