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Oct 24, 2023
Pat McAfee has an answer to a recent poll by readers of The Athletic, who say they don’t care for his work on college football coverage
Oct 20, 2023
Pat McAfee is generally considered a popular broadcaster, but not by ESPN’s college football viewers, according to a recent survey
Oct 19, 2023
Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues his crusade against COVID vaccines on The Pat McAfee Show, flatly denying Dr. Fauci’s findings
Oct 12, 2023
As a spokesman for COVID vaccine maker Pfizer, Travis Kelce has come under fire from the NFL’s resident conspiracy theorist – Aaron Rodgers
Oct 9, 2023
Could a mix of unconventional methods and unwavering hope lead Aaron Rodgers back to the field in just a few months?
Aug 1, 2023
A seemingly good-natured jab by talk show host Pat McAfee about Michigan State’s new football uniforms went just a little too far
Jul 6, 2023
Despite some critics pointing the blame at ESPN’s hiring of Pat McAfee for their recent talent cuts, the broadcaster says he’s not at fault
Jun 23, 2023
Broadcaster Pat McAfee recently marveled at video of a group of Tibetan monks playing basketball and showing off some seriously sacred skills
Jun 22, 2023
There are major changes in the air at ESPN, and they include three major names being removed from their national radio show
May 18, 2023
‘The Pat McAfee Show’ will be moving to The Worldwide Leader this fall, which has some longtime fans of the program upset