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'Brooklyn High School's head football coach resigns' | SCREENSHOT: WKYC Channel 3/YouTube
Sep 29, 2023
Coach Tim McFarland, of Cleveland’s Brooklyn High School, resigned after it was discovered he allowed his players to yell slurs during games
Photo by Chase McBride, free to use under the Unsplash license.
Sep 8, 2023
After being exposed by The Daily Wire for intentionally excluding white applicants from a ‘Diversity Internship’, NASCAR has backtracked and now changed the requirements after a slew of media scrutiny.
Source: Philip Hall YouTube
Aug 30, 2023
Nothing spells diversity and inclusion like blatant racism. NASCAR has decided to double down on their commitment to wokeness by offering a full-time, paid “diversity internship” which specifically excludes white people. Yup, they’re so woke they’re literally excluding people based on race now.
Chiefs stadium via Inside Edition YouTube, screenshot
Aug 29, 2023
Since that time Black Lives Matter and Antifa held the country hostage throughout 2020, and every woke corporation in existence bowed to their new woke leaders, the NFL has had “End Racism” and “it takes all of us” spray painted at the end zone for each of their stadiums. Now, it seems like racism has finally ended, thanks to the NFL, because now they’re replacing that battle cry with “Play Football” once again as nature heals.
Behind-The-Scenes Lionesses' Nike Kit Photoshoot via England YouTube, screenshot
Aug 23, 2023
While the English Women’s World Cup team is obviously feeling not too great about losing to Spain in the final game, their own nation’s Sky News has felt the need to rub some unnecessary dirt into their fresh wound by pulling the most random critique straight out of nowhere— there are just too many “blonde, blue-eyed” players for these woke newspeople’s delicate woke-sensibilities.
Natasha Cloud via Mad Rabbit YouTube
Jul 6, 2023
After calling America “trash” on Twitter, Washington Mystics player Natasha Cloud has doubled on her verbal attacks towards the United States so much former NBA star Enes Canter Freedom responded to her and offered to buy her a plane ticket to the totalitarian leftist hell-hole of her choice.
Photo by Connor Coyne, free to use under the Unsplash License
Jan 10, 2023
According to an essay published at Scientific American, football injuries are now racist. Who is making this ‘profound’ claim? Meet assistant professor Tracie Canada of Duke University, who is claiming that “violence” in football “disproportionately affects Black men.”
Kasey Funderburg via Tennessee Athletics YouTube
Nov 2, 2022
University of Tennessee and Vol Network reporter Kasey Funderburg has resigned after it was discovered that she had posted several tweets between 2013-2014 using a derogatory racial slur, as reported by Knox News.