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Oct 24, 2023
The Olympic Games, an international sporting spectacle, have historically been a platform for not just athletic prowess but also significant political and cultural statements. While the essence of the Olympics is to foster peace and camaraderie among nations, it’s impossible to separate the event from the geopolitics that shape our world. From boycotts to acts of terrorism, here are ten major international incidents that have occurred during the Games, leaving an indelible mark on the legacy of the Olympics.
Sep 13, 2023
French President Emmanuel Macron says his host city of Paris is no place for Russia or its Olympic hopefuls to be glorified
Sep 12, 2023
The failing sports network known as ESPN has actually done some interesting reporting recently, but not about sports. A reporter from the Disney-owned network actually was able to establish the “Merchant of Death’s” first interview with a western outlet since the his controversial prisoner exchange with WNBA star Brittney Griner, who had been arrested for possessing cannabis oil in Russia.
In the world of sports, the thrill lies in the unpredictability. The ‘underdog story’ has become a cornerstone of why we love these games. It’s when the impossible becomes possible. Here’s a look at ten of the greatest upsets in sports history that had us all on the edge of our seats.
Jul 6, 2023
After calling America “trash” on Twitter, Washington Mystics player Natasha Cloud has doubled on her verbal attacks towards the United States so much former NBA star Enes Canter Freedom responded to her and offered to buy her a plane ticket to the totalitarian leftist hell-hole of her choice.
Vanessa Nygaard
May 22, 2023
Phoenix Mercury head coach Vanessa Nygaard doesn’t seem to understand why their last game didn’t sell out since the mainstream media and other left-wing sports commentators did nothing but attempt to elevate basketball champion Brittney Griner’s return to the court since her release from a Russian prison earlier this year thanks to an extremely controversial prisoner exchange with a notorious international weapons dealer.
Dec 8, 2022
Olympian and WNBA champion Brittney Griner, who was arrested and sentenced to nine-years of hard labor in a Russian penal camp for bringing cannabis vape cartridges into the country, has been exchanged with Russian national and notorious arms dealer Victor Bout as the result of a deal between the United States and Russia in order to secure Griner’s freedom.
Oct 25, 2022
Women’s basketball star Brittney Griner will now face nine-years in Russian prison after her appeal to overturn the court’s original sentence was officially denied.
Jul 13, 2022
LeBron James walked back some comments he made regarding Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner’s case in which he suggested that should she be released from Russian custody, she might want to reconsider returning home to the United States.
Jul 5, 2022
As the world remains impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the realm of sports hasn’t been an exception. Wimbledon has been the primary geopolitical battleground this summer as they have continued stand by their decision to ban players from Russia and Belarus, despite being fined $1,000,000 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).