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transgender boxing
Screenshot: Fights Twitter
Jan 3, 2024
USA Boxing will allow transgender men to fight women, making it the best sporting organization this side of the Lower Oakland Roller Derby.
Source: Philip Hall YouTube
Aug 30, 2023
Nothing spells diversity and inclusion like blatant racism. NASCAR has decided to double down on their commitment to wokeness by offering a full-time, paid “diversity internship” which specifically excludes white people. Yup, they’re so woke they’re literally excluding people based on race now.
Dodgers host Faith & Family Night | Los Angeles Dodgers via YouTube
Aug 4, 2023
The Dodgers hosted a Faith and Family Night this week, shortly after their LGBTQ Pride event featured an anti-Catholic troupe
Conor McGregor Funniest Trash Talk | vinting
Jul 10, 2023
A social media reply from Conor McGregor has untapped the fury of anti-woke UFC fans as the controversy surrounding Bud Light flows on
Jonathan Isaac: 'Why I Refused to Kneel for the National Anthem' | PragerU
Jun 6, 2023
NBA star Jonathan Isaac provides his objective answer to the woke community in the form of a new sports business venture
Dodgers rescind Pride Night invite | FOX 11 Los Angeles
May 19, 2023
Another ‘politically correct’ play by a sports franchise backfires, as the Los Angeles Dodgers recently ran afoul of The Catholic League
Photo by Connor Coyne, free to use under the Unsplash License
Jan 10, 2023
According to an essay published at Scientific American, football injuries are now racist. Who is making this ‘profound’ claim? Meet assistant professor Tracie Canada of Duke University, who is claiming that “violence” in football “disproportionately affects Black men.”
Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird via Togethxr YouTube
Dec 8, 2022
World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe, a radical advocate of allowing biological male athletes to compete in women’s sports, as well as soccer star Sue Bird, have launched a new film production company specifically for “underrepresented communities” to “move culture forward” and push their woke agenda.
Premier League via YouTube
Oct 14, 2022
The Premier League brings back “taking the knee” in an effort to “fight against discrimination,” as Black History Month begins in the UK.