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Serena Williams Blows Off Centenary Celebration Because Wimbledon Wouldn’t Let Her Continue To Drive Courtesy Vehicles

American tennis star Serena Williams decided to completely blow off the traditional Centre Court centenary celebrations at Wimbledon because representatives from the tennis organization told her she had to stop using the five courtesy cars that were loaned to her for the whole tournament, which Williams was no longer competing in.

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The event which took place on Sunday night featured all the competitors, including other tennis champs from overseas who were not competing this year. It was very noticeable however when the global tennis sensation, Williams, was completely absent from the festivities.

Sources informed The Telegraph that Wimbledon officials asked Williams to return five courtesy vehicles that had been given to her after she lost her match several weeks ago and was eliminated from the tournament.

Williams, according to the source, had a vehicle each given to her husband, sister, mother, coach, and herself. Every other athlete in attendance at Wimbledon was only permitted one courtesy vehicle each. Players can also only keep the vehicles for up to a day after they have been limited from the games.

“She wanted to use the cars for the whole two weeks because that’s what happens at other grand slams,” the source stated regarding William’s request.

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“She was told that was not possible because they had to be used by other players. She was not happy,” adding “Maybe that’s why she refused to take part in the centenary parade.”

After it was noticed that Williams was not at the event, the press caught wind and tried to ask Wimbledon staff whether they knew why she was not present. Reporters were apparently told that she had “gone home,” meaning she had left the UK to travel back to the United States earlier than expected.

Ironically, photos appeared on Instagram of Williams and her husband instead staying in town, visiting a Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park, grabbing dinner at a local spot, and then going to the theater go catch the latest Marvel movie.

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What is your take on Williams deciding not to attend the event with the other athletes?

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