Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

Punter Matt Araiza’s parents recently released a statement after their son had been released from the Buffalo Bills claiming that he has already been tried and convicted by the media.

Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

KUSI reporter Brandon Stone shared Matt Araiza’s parents’ statement to Twitter.

It reads, “The rule of law is innocent until proven guilty. That is not our experience. There has been a war waged on our son. He has been tried and convicted in the media based on information released solely from the alleged victim and her attorney, much of it through social media.”

“People have taken his information as factual, when it is not,” they asserted.

Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

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“We do not wish this experience on anyone, but question why our son is the only one receiving this kind of treatment by social media and national news media. The vitriol has been on him alone,” they add.

“He has been extorted, discriminated against, harassed and the subject of multiple and continuous threats of violence and death,” they stressed. “He has been released from his job and our entire family continues to receive horrific threats of violence and death. We have all been canceled. Every member of our family.”

Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

Next, they proclaimed, “Salacious rumors grew as fact. There are multiple witness reports to deny the claims that are made against him.”

“The legal system is designed to find the facts and make decisions. They should be allowed to do that,” their statement concluded.

Brandon Stone Twitter

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A lawsuit filed by an anonymous Jane Doe alleges that Araiza engaged in a gang-rape along with two of his former teammates at San Diego State University.

The lawsuit alleges “During the early morning hours of Sunday, October 17, 2021, Defendants Araiza, Leonard, and Ewaliko gang-raped Doe, then a 17 year-old minor, inside the Residence during a Halloween party.”

It goes on to claim that Araiza handed her a drink that “not only contained alcohol, but other intoxicating substances.”

Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

From there it claims that the girl “informed Araiza that she attended Grossmont High School” and that he “knew or should have known that Doe was a minor.” Araiza then allegedly took the girl to the side of the yard and “told her to perform oral sex on him.” After oral sex was performed, it then details the two had sex.

The lawsuit then claims that Araiza took the girl into the house and into a bedroom, where “at least three other men” were. He then threw her on the bed face down. While on the bed it claims that she “went in and out of consciousness while she was being raped.” The suit claims she was “raped for about an hour and a half until the party was shut down.”

It then concludes that she “stumbled out of the room bloody and crying. Her nose, belly button, and ear piercings had been pulled out, she was also bleeding from her vagina.”

Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

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The lawsuit also alleges that Jane Doe worked with police and engaged in “arranged recorded ‘pretext’ calls with men they had determined were present in the room.”

During one of these calls with Araiza it claims he “confirmed having sex with Doe, even telling her that she should get tested for STDs.” However, the suit also states that when the girl asked Araiza,” And did we have actual sex?” He responded saying, “This is Matt Araiza. I don’t remember anything that happened that night.” He then hung up.

The lawsuit specifically accuses Araiza of rape, gender violence, violation of the Ralph Act, false imprisonment, violation of civic code § 1714, and premises liability.

Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

Araiza issued a statement in response to the lawsuit stating, “The facts of the incident are now what they are portrayed in the lawsuit or in the press. I look forward to quickly setting the record straight.”

Ian Rapoport Twitter

His lawyer, Kerry Armstrong, also issued a statement to The Los Angeles Times, “It’s a shakedown because he’s now with the Buffalo Bills.”

Armstrong further told CBS 8 San Diego, “He is 100% adamant that he never forcibly raped this young lady, or forcibly had sex with her in any type of way, or had sexual relations with her while she was intoxicated whether it be on alcohol and/or drugs.”

He reiterated that Araiza “never ever did anything forcible with her whatsoever.”


Armstrong also disputed the lawsuit’s claim that the location of the residence was Araiza’s residence saying, “This was not Matt Araiza’s residence. That’s in dispute.”

In response to the claims that she was underage and was a high school student, Armstrong stated, “Right after I got hired, about six weeks ago, we got a private investigator who’s spoken to many people who were at the gathering that night including one of her friends. And there is no doubt in my mind that those allegations are false. She was telling everybody at the party that night that she was 18 years old and went to Grossmont College not to Grossmont High School.”

He then responded to the allegation that she was drunk and he gave her a drink, “He never gave her a drink. He never gave her any intoxicating substance and she was not visibly intoxicated when he was speaking to her. I’ve heard those allegations. I have numerous witnesses lined up to say that she was not slurring, not stumbling, or anything like that.”

Later in the interview, Armstrong reiterated, “I’m here tonight to tell you that he did not ever forcibly do anything to this young lady that evening right before Halloween.”

Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

When asked why the claims were made he responded, “Well, I think that’s pretty obvious. He’s now a member of the Buffalo Bills. He just got on the team two or three days ago and I think this is a money grab on her part.”

“I know that’s probably going to be heavily disputed by her attorney, but, you know, deep pockets for someone who’s in the NFL. I think she sees some dollar signs at the end of the highway,” he added.

Armstrong also said that her filing of a civil lawsuit before the criminal investigation has concluded is a red flag, “Why is she doing this now? She has plenty of time to file a civil suit if that’s what she wants to do, but she’s doing it before the criminal case is even decided one way or the other.”

Kerry Armstrong via CBS 8 San Diego YouTube

He went on to speculate that he does not believe criminal charges will be filed against Araiza saying, “I don’t think they will based on what I know right now, but obviously that can change. I can’t speak for the District Attorney’s office. I have spoked to the deputy D.A. assigning the case numerous times. But I feel confident that he will never be charged in this case.”

He also claims that Araiza informed the NFL about the allegations before the draft, which is contrary to statements made by the Buffalo Bills. “You better believe he did.”

However, he did state, “When you say all the information, I don’t know what information the Bills had at the time when they actually selected him in the draft. I do know that I have kept him up to date recently about some of the case. I think they have at least a decent understanding of what the allegations are.”

Matt Araiza via Buffalo Bills YouTube

The Bills released Araiza with the team’s General Manager Brandon Beane stating, “Ultimately, this is a legal situation. We don’t know all the facts. That’s what makes it hard. But at this time we think it’s the best move for everyone to move on from Matt and let him take care of this situation and focus on that. So we’re going to part ways there.”

When asked why now was the appropriate time, he said, “Ultimately, we thought it was best for everybody for Matt to—. It’s a very serious situation, Heather. And with the serious nature and allegations, we just can’t — we don’t have the means to put all the facts together. There’s multiple versions of what happened and he’s a football coach (referring to McDermott) and I’m a GM.”

“We don’t have access to everything,” he continued. “So that’s more important than playing football. So we want Matt to focus on that.”

What do you make of Araiza’s parents’ statement?

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