Brandon Aiyuk via San Francisco 49ers YouTube

Practice for the San Francisco 49ers got heated with linebacker Fred Warner and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk at the center of multiple fights.

Brandon Aiyuk via San Francisco 49ers YouTube

Blue Wire Podcast’s Striking Gold host Rob Lowder reported, “The talk between Brandon Aiyuk and Fred Warner evolved into multiple fights today.”

He then detailed, “The first was between the two of them, the second spurred by a dirty hit that turned into a brawl between offense and defense. Warner quickly found Aiyuk and they went to the ground again.”

Rob Lowder Twitter

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In a subsequent tweeted he provided more details, “The second fight prompted Kyle Shanahan to stop practice and bring in the team.”

“ST coordinator Brian Schneider said afterwards that Shanahan told the team he appreciated the intensity and energy, but to turn that focus toward the game, and to take care of each other,” Lowder added.

Rob Lowder Twitter

Lowder’s report was corroborated by NBC Sports’ Matt Maiocco who reported, “The first scuffle occurred early in practice Tuesday after Aiyuk caught a short pass over the middle from Trey Lance and received what Aiyuk considered too much contact during the team’s second padded practice of training camp.”

Maiocco then provided details on the second fight that turned into multi-player brawl, “Several minutes later, Warner thumped receiver Marcus Johnson to the ground, which prompted Aiyuk to confront Warner. And the two players squared off. They were soon joined by players on both sides of the ball, including fellow linebacker Dre Greenlaw and Azeez Al-Shaair.”

As Lowder noted, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan had to break up the fight and then lecture the entire team about getting too physical that might result in injury. However, it wasn’t just Shanahan breaking the fight up. Maiocco reported that “assistant defensive line coach Darryl Tapp had to forcefully remove new defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche from the scrum.”

Kyle Shanahan via San Francisco 49ers YouTube

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Warner previously explained why he’s focused on Aiyuk telling the media, “I chose him out. I specifically said and I’ll say why. I think he’s ready to make that next step into playing at an elite level.”

“Ever since he’s gotten here, in the last couple of years, I’ve kind of gone after him a little bit, going around the locker room and around the building because I know how much he has in him,” he explained.

Fred Warner via San Francisco 49ers YouTube

Warner elaborated, “I know if I kind of — if I would nag him a little bit he’s going to start getting sick and tired of that and he’s starting to, you know, hold his own.”

“And so I like what I see out of BA. He works super hard and he’s starting to really gain that mindset that he’s the guy and he’s capable. And I’m just trying to get the best out of him. That’s it,” he concluded.

What do you make of these reported fights?

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