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ESPN host Stephen A. Smith has helped really kick football season commentary into high gear by delivering what is probably already the most outlandish take of the season, which is only a week old. He claims that the Dallas Cowboys would never sign controversial player Colin Kaepernick because Texans are “too patriotic.”

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The wild remarks came during a recent discussion on First Take regarding Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s injured thumb, which fractured during Sunday’s game. As the panel discussed how the team could potentially handle Prescott’s injury, Smith out of nowhere tossed in Kaepernick’s name into the mix, but with an immediate backhanded remark aimed at the Cowboys and the state of Texas as a whole.

“You know what, this is a different subject for another day maybe,” Smith said to the panel. “It will never happen, in my opinion… might want to make that call to Colin Kaepernick. Might want to find out. He ain’t been around, but he’s a playmaker with his legs who’s available, you gotta take that into consideration.”

Mind you, Kaepernick hasn’t played professionally in six years, aside from the fact he has also compared the NFL to slavery.

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Smith further stated that Cowboys fans would not take kindly to the man who took a knee to the national anthem hypothetically joining the team either.

“But I don’t think it will ever happen, because this is Texas. And the state of Texas, you understand what I’m saying,” Smith said condescendingly, “the patriotic individuals that they pride themselves on being, since, you know, the whole Kaepernick situation was hijacked, that narrative was hijacked, to them, it’s that and Jerry Jones is not going to let that get in the way of business.”

“But I would think about it. I would say that. But getting back to reality, because I don’t think that’s reality.”

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Retired Cowboys player Michael Irvin, who was also on the panel, had enough of Smith’s outlandish remarks and immediately shot it down.

“Let’s stop with this Colin Kaepernick stuff,” said Irvin, “Let’s just stop.”

Irvin continued, saying “Colin Kaepernick’s been out of football for what five years now. Come on, man. Let’s stop all of a sudden thinking we can go resurrect Colin Kaepernick, and he’s going to come and resurrect a football team. I’ll take my chances with Cooper Rush. I will take my chances with Cooper Rush. I saw Cooper Rush win a football game last year. That’s all I’m saying. Let’s not run down that way.”

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Interestingly, after being challenged by Irvin, Smith then appeared to walk back his comments saying, “I’m not refuting that. It’s just about five different people were in my ear this morning bringing up Colin Kaepernick.”

“So I thought I’d bring it up to football people and say — I’ve been saying it for the longest he been gone for years now. He been gone for years now, but people wanted me to bring that up. So I said fine,” he explained.

Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take via Coc Official YouTube

Do you agree with Irvin that Smith needs to give up trying to resurrect Kaepernick’s NFL career? Let us know in the comments below.

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