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A report claims NASCAR will review Bubba Wallace’s attack on Kyle Larson that occurred during the race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

Bubba Wallace, Kyle Larson, and Kevin Harvick via NASCAR YouTube

During the race, Kyle Larson got loose underneath Bubba Wallace, but appeared to save the car. There does not appear to be any contact made between the two drivers at this point.

However, Wallace slammed hard into the wall and bounced down the track into Larson. Larson then dived hard down into the track to avoid Wallace who chased him down the track and purposely clipped Larson in the rear quarter panel sending him spinning up the track into Christopher Bell and the outside wall.

Wallace would also spin up the track and smack the wall, nose first.

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Following the wreck, Wallace exited his car and walked down the track towards Kyle Larson.

He then proceeded to attack Larson by shoving him into his car. Larson does not engage and attempts to keep Wallace at bay who continues to close in on him. Larson does eventually give a shove to keep Wallace from furthering closing in on him. However, Wallace continues to shove him.

Finally, a track official arrives on the scene and separates the two drivers.

NBC Sports reporter Dustin Long reports that NASCAR will review Wallace’s attack on Larson, but noted that Wallace was not called to the NASCAR hauler after the race.

Long wrote on Twitter, “NASCAR states that they will review the entire incident between Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson this week. NASCAR did NOT call Wallace to the hauler after the incident.”

Dustin Long Twitter

Following the accident, Wallace put the blame on him hitting the wall on Larson.

When asked if it was deliberate retaliation, he told NBC Sports, “Cliff’s smart enough to know how easy these cars break so when you get shoved into the fence, deliberately like he did, trying to force me to lift, steering was gone. Just so happened to be there.”

“Hate it. Hate it for our team. Fast, super fast car. Had no short run speed. As you were seeing, we were kind of falling there. Larson wanted to make a three-wide dive bomb, never cleared me. I don’t lift so I know I’m kind of new to running up front, but I don’t lift. Wasn’t even a spot to lift and he never lifted either and now we’re junk. Just a piss poor move on his execution,” Wallace added.

Bubba Wallace via NASCAR YouTube

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When asked if retaliation is an acceptable action, Wallace replied, “Stop fishing. Stop fishing.”

He then answered a question about his shoving attack on Larson saying, “He knows that what he did was wrong. He wanted to question what I was doing, he never cleared me. I just hate it for our team. Our McDonald’s Toyota Camry was super solid. Just needed to find a little bit on the short run to get the balance where we needed and it would have been just like Kansas.”

Larson shared his own thoughts when asked about Wallace’s actions, “No, it didn’t surprise me. I obviously made an aggressive move into three, got in low, and got loose, and chased it up a bit, and, yeah, he got to my right front and got him tight and into the wall and knew he was going to retaliate.”

“So like I said I mean he had a reason to be mad, but his race wasn’t over until he retaliated. So it is what it is. Just aggression turned into frustration and retaliated,” Larson added.

Kyle Larson via NASCAR YouTube

When asked if Wallace’s retaliation was acceptable, Larson replied, “I think with everything that’s been going on here lately with head injuries and all that, fractured ligaments and all that. I don’t think it’s probably the right to do, but, hey, we’ve all done it. Maybe not all of us, but I mean I have. I’ve let the emotions get the best of me before too.”

“I know he’s probably still upset, but I’m sure with everything going on that he made a mistake in the retaliation part and I’m sure he’ll think twice about it next time,” Larson said.

When questioned about Wallace confronting him after the wreck, Larson noted he was not caught off guard, “I seen him walking over so I figured he would do something. Like I said he had every right to be upset. I’d rather him do that then tear up our cars in a dangerous matter. It is what it is,” he concluded.

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Larson did tell other media outlets that he does not think Wallace should be penalized.

When asked he said, “No. I don’t want to be the one to judge that. I don’t like seeing it. I don’t think any of us like seeing it. I don’t want to see him be penalized either.”

“But I think until they do something it could potentially keep happening,” Larson continued. “You see it here and there a handful of times throughout the year. It’s obviously not a safe thing to do especially at high speeds and the way these cars are. I don’t know what the answer is. Like I said he has a reason to be mad. I don’t think he’ll do that again whether he’s penalized or not.”

FOX Sports reporter Bob Pockrass believes Wallace will be penalized.

He said, “Unless they see that Bubba totally didn’t have steering like some have indicated, I think that they are going to have issue a penalty to Bubba. I don’t know that they should suspend him, I probably wouldn’t recommend suspending, but certainly think a fine and some points would be justified.”

Do you think Wallace should be penalized? What do you think NASCAR will do?

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