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The ongoing feud between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf continues to reach new levels, especially now since reports from GolfWeek have confirmed that the famous Seminole Golf Club located in Juno Beach, Florida, will not be inviting any LIV golfers to participate in the Pro-Member Tournament.

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This is obviously meant to discourage members of the professional golf community from considering joining LIV Golf if they haven’t already, since traditionally the biggest names in the golf world compete on that course.

The ultimate decision to keep out LIV golfers was made by Jimmy Dunne, the president of the Seminole Golf Club. While it should be remembered that it was only last year that Dunne had partnered for the same event with LIV golfer Dustin Johnson, he made it very clear that his decision now was entirely made in order to protect his long lasting relationship with the PGA.

Jimmy Dunne via Callaway Golf YouTube

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“We are doing what we have always done,” Dunne said regarding his choice. “PGA Tour players get the first priority. The PGA Tour has always supported this event. We try to make this a special and unique day for Tour players.”

While many golfers who had previously competed in the tournament are now unable to do so because of their severed ties with the PGA, Dunne made it clear his decision was simply a matter of business.

“Candidly, I have a pretty good relationship with most people. These guys had a choice to make, but they’ve made it. That’s it,” he continued. “I’m not going to say something nasty about guys who participated in the past.”

Dustin Johnson via Ten Golf YouTube

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For those who pay close attention to the world of professional golf, this decision might have been pretty obvious since Dunne was given the position of Independent Director to the PGA back in November.

What do you think about Dunne’s decision? Good business practice or simply another example of cronyism by the PGA? Let us know in the comments below.

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