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Buffalo Bills cornerback Damar Hamlin is back making public appearances again after suffering a near-fatal cardiac episode on the field on January 2. He spent some time visiting with Michael Strahan this week on Good Morning America and offered a strange response when asked what exactly happened to him that night.

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Hamlin’s cardiac arrest happened seconds after he made a tackle on Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. He appeared to emerge from the play unscathed. However, he crumpled to the turf shortly thereafter.

Originally, it was thought that he was injured due to the contact. It turned out to be much worse. And much scarier for Hamlin, as well as everyone involved.

As the second-year player lay motionless for several minutes, the Monday Night Football announce team wasn’t exactly sure what to make of all of it.

In an unprecedented move, the NFL would end up canceling the game, but everyone in and around the league was left with a lot of questions and concerns. It took the focus away from football.

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The only football matter that would potentially have to be settled would have been regarding home-field advantage in the postseason.

Both of the teams involved in the MNF game – the Bills and Bengals – were playoff teams. The NFL issued a statement, saying the decision was “difficult, but necessary” under the “extraordinary circumstances”

The decision could have had ramifications later. The way things fell, it didn’t come into play, however.

Damar Hamlin via Buffalo Bills YouTube

Damar Hamlin was asked what caused his cardiac arrest and he offered up a strange answer.

When Good Morning America host Michael Strahan asked if Hamlin remembers standing up after making the hit, he paused for quite some time before delivering a cryptic answer.

“Umm… that’s something I don’t really want to get into deep into, in the details of.”

Damar Hamlin via 11Alive YouTube

A truly eccentric response that could mean many different things. Either he feels some kind of superstition about discussing it. Perhaps doesn’t want to ‘jinx’ himself, or maybe he just can’t talk for legal reasons. There’s been no word of any civil action being filed by Hamlin or the Bills, so the latter seems unlikely. However, that could always change.

Hamlin shied away from most of the direct medical questions, focusing more on his team and the people around him that have helped him through this ordeal.

When asked by Strahan, “How did the doctor describe what happened to you?” Hamlin replied, “That’s something I want to stay away from.”

For the most part, the interview went as expected, with Hamlin expressing his gratitude and relief about escaping the incident with his life. He says it’s something that he definitely didn’t see coming and is still trying to mentally unpack.

“It’s something I am still processing. It’s something that I am still trying to work through,” Hamlin said.

Damar Hamlin via Buffalo Bills YouTube

Hamlin was recognized by the NFL at Super Bowl LVII. In a special ceremony during the pregame festivities, he was honored alongside the first responders who took care of him on the field following his cardiac arrest.

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