Damar Hamlin via Buffalo Bills YouTube

After a period of media silence and a strange body double conspiracy theory making waves online, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin made his first public appearance since suffering from cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals earlier in January.

Damar Hamlin via Buffalo Bills YouTube

“I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for all the love, all the support,” said Hamlin in a video message released on the Buffalo Bills social media accounts over the weekend. Hamlin noted in his message that he didn’t want to rush getting back into the public eye, and wanted to “wait and speak publicly at the right time.”

Hamlin proceeded to thank his family, friends, medical professional who “saved [his] life,” as well as the fans who continued to support him during this terrifying ordeal.

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“It’s been a lot to process,” said Hamlin. “What happened to me on ‘Monday Night Football,’ I feel, is a direct example of God using me as a vessel to share my passion and my love directly from my heart with the entire world.

“And now I’m able to give kids and communities all across the world who need it most,” he continued, noting that he was wearing a Chasing Millions shirt for his personal charity Chasing M’s which directly supports underprivileged children. “And that’s always been my dream. That’s always been what I stood for and what I will continue to stand far.”

The Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive GoFundMe

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While Hamlin was hospitalized for nine days, hundreds of thousands of supporters flooded a GoFundMe page for his Chasing M’s Foundation helping raise a total of $9,027,450 at the time of this writing.

“Thank you to anyone who donated — in any type of way — to the Chasing M’s Foundation,” Hamlin conveyed. “I don’t even have the words to express the gratitude. This is just the beginning of the impact I wanted to have on the world. And with God’s guidance, I can do wonderful and great things.”

Damar Hamlin via Buffalo Bills YouTube

What are your thoughts as the moment that capture the attention of the nation has now turned into something miraculously positive? Let us know in the comments below.

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