Damar Hamlin via CBS New York YouTube

Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen Confronts Damar Hamlin Body Double Conspiracy: “Stop That S***”

Josh Allen has heard the rumors, and now he’s confronting the viral conspiracy that claims that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was not in attendance at the Sunday AFC divisional round matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, but instead it was a body double who was part of some elaborate, twisted PR attempt.

Josh Allen via Buffalo Bills YouTube

Hamlin was spotted at Highmark Stadium in his suite, but where the conspiracy gets weird is when a CBS broadcast only shows Hamlin from behind while in the suite, and exterior cameras looking into the suite from the outside have their clarity obscured by the snowfall, as the crowd begins to cheer loudly as the player is then viewed on the Jumbotron.

Because at no point is Hamlin’s face noticeably clear, internet users have begun to question whether Hamlin was actually the man we see in the video, or if it was an attempt to create some type of psychological operation in order to pump up the Buffalo Bills and their fans.

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Stew Peters, host of “The Stew Peters Show”, tweeted additional footage Monday morning showing Hamlin being escorted to his suite in a stadium security cart.

“It sure seems odd that Damar Hamlin won’t show his face,” said Peters in his post. From there, the speculation about whether or not it was truly him began to catch steam.

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After Peters began to receive criticism and pushback for his assertion that it was not the real Hamlin seen on camera, he responded with a broader explanation of his skepticism.

“I’m a REAL ‘conspiracy theorist’ now!”, he tweeted.

“Sorry for questioning how a man having to use oxygen is not carrying oxygen, wearing a mask when you need oxygen, and walking with a pep in his step after dying suddenly and being brought back with rib-breaking CPR before skin lightening.”

Stew Peters Twitter

Hamlin eventually caught wind of the viral conspiracy at some point Monday. He tweeted from his official Twitter account a photo of himself, wearing the same clothes he was seen wearing on TV Sunday, in front a mural of himself painted on the side of a wall with the caption “Clone,” obviously poking fun at the rumor. Ironically, you can’t clearly see his face in this image either.


Damar Hamlin Twitter

Well, after days of the body double conspiracy still lingering, Bills QB Josh Allen addressed it while taping an episode of “Kyle Brandt’s basement.”

“That’s stupid… That’s our guy, that’s our brother. He was with us pregame, postgame, he was up in the suite with his family, his little brother, 100%. So, people need to stop with that sh*t,” said Allen.

What do you think about this? Elaborate conspiracy or just a viral rumor run amok? Let us know in the comments below.

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