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Kenny Wallace Says NASCAR Should Never Do The Busch Clash At The L.A. Coliseum Ever Again

Former NASCAR Cup Series driver Kenny Wallace turned analyst recently stated he believes NASCAR should never return to the L.A. Coliseum for the Busch Clash.

Aric Almirola leads the pack to the green flag during the Clash at the Coliseum via NASCAR YouTube

In a recent video upload, Wallace shared his thoughts about the race revealing he enjoyed the first half of the race, but the second half wore him down.

“I thought last year’s race was good. This year’s race, it was ridiculous, right? I’m like, ‘Come on, can you go five, six laps.’ Now, at the very end they finally did a good job. Martin Truex definitely should have won the race. He was the fastest car,” Wallace prefaced.

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He went on to share his opinion that Kyle Busch was the highlight of the race, “The show, best in class, no doubt, “Rowdy” Busch, Kyle Busch come from the very back all the way to the front. He did a good job.”

“Thank God for Kyle. He was the show,” he added.

Kyle Busch vis Kyle Busch Twitter

Wallace then declared, “I don’t think they should ever do this again. But here’s the situation. The situation is this. What kind of contract does NASCAR have with the L.A. Coliseum. That is a business of its own. How many years did they sign a contract?”

He continued, “We know you and we know a lot of people really don’t want to keep it going. It is kind of fun to watch it go down. So what kind of race are we going to get it?

Martin Truex Jr. and Austin Dillon during the Clash at the Coliseum via NASCAR YouTube

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Wallace went on to speculate, “I think we’re gonna go one more year. What kind of contract did Ben Kennedy sign? Was it a two-year? Was is it a three-year? We don’t know.”

He then rhetorically asked, “So will the race come back next year? I would usually know things like this: was it a two or three year contract. I don’t think it should come back. It’s been tried and tested. I wouldn’t do it again, but I wouldn’t doubt they come back later and go, ‘Hey we’re going to do it again.'”

Ryan Preece leads Bubba Wallace, Alex Bowman, and Martin Truex Jr. during the Clash at the Coliseum via NASCAR YouTube

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“And they’re not going to tell you the reason they’re going to do it again is because they have a three-year contract,” he said. “That’s usually the way it deals. I think that deal could be over. Who knows if we’ll do it again.”

Wallace then revealed one of the main reasons aside from the poor product as to why they won’t do it again, “I think the downfall of the Coliseum race will be the millions of dollars it takes just to build the racetrack. I think Ben — I heard Ben mention it throughout the year: cost a lot of money.”

Wallace concluded, “You can’t fault NASCAR. They tried it. They tested it. They’re trying for you.”

Kyle Busch gets spun out by Joey Logano for the 11th caution during the Clash at the Coliseum via Andyrew YouTube

Wallace isn’t the only one to note the poor product of the race. Kyle Busch, who finished the race in third and did indeed drive from the rear of the field to the front of the field after he was dumped by last year’s champion Joey Logano, described the race as a “disaster.”

In a post-race interview, Busch said, “Last year’s show, I felt like was relatively clean and good racing. Some bumping, some banging, but we could run long stretches of green flag action where today was — I would call it a disaster.”

He explained, “The disrespect from everybody of just driving through each other and not letting everything kind of work its way out. I mean it’s a quarter mile. It’s tight quarters racing. Actually, this is probably how it should have gone last year. So we got spoiled with a good show the first year. So maybe this is just normal.”

What do you make of Kenny Wallace’s comments?

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