There’s never anything wrong with having your expectations up or thinking in a positive manner. Unfortunately in the ever-changing world of the NFL, it’s also easy to get those same kind of hopes dashed in an instant.

Aaron Rodgers via Green Bay Packers YouTube

That’s probably how Panthers fans are feeling right now after initially hearing that Aaron Rodgers might be coming to Carolina, only to find out that it was all just a dream.

In what has become an almost-yearly tradition for the veteran quarterback, the ‘will-he-or-won’t-he’ process of his offseason has started. Once again the question has to be asked:

Is #12 set to return to the Packers, move on to play elsewhere, or simply just choose to retire?

Aaron Rodgers Hot Mic Moments | AMP12 Productions via YouTube

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As always, Aaron Rodgers will march to the beat of his own drum, no matter what he chooses

He departed for a ‘dark retreat’ to clear his head and come up with the ultimate answer regarding his future. What he eventually decides to do will obviously affect Green Bay. But it will also have a huge ripple effect around the NFL, as several other starting signal-callers are looking for a new home heading into 2023.

In fact, it’s basically open season right now. High-profile stars like Derek Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Carson Wentz will be making their way elsewhere soon. As has been the trend in recent off-seasons, the quarterback carousel continues.


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During Thursday’s episode of NFL Live, ESPN senior insider Adam Schefter reported that Carolina contacted Green Bay about the availability of the four-time MVP. However, the reporter also said that The Pack wouldn’t make any moves without consulting with Rodgers, himself.

Shortly after, however, Will Kunkel of FOX Charlotte shot down the story.

Despite the fact that Schefter is considered one of the most reliable sources in terms of rumors around The League, the local reporter was quick to take to social media and give the Charlotte perspective.

Source: WillKunkelFOX Twitter

Rodgers is coming off a 2022 campaign that saw Green Bay (8-9) finish out of the postseason for the first time since 2018

While he threw for 3,695 yards, he had just 26 touchdowns with 12 interceptions. At several points during the year, he appeared frustrated with his coaches and teammates. At the same time, a vocal portion of the fanbase appeared to be tired of his act, as well.

However, that one ‘down’ year hasn’t hampered other franchises that are looking to upgrade under center from potentially adding the future Hall of Famer. Odds are that he returns for a 19th season with the Packers, but that’s certainly not set in Green and Yellow stone yet.

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