Kenny Wallace Reacts To Denny Hamlin Admitting To Wrecking Ross Chastain: “You Want Entertainment Let It Be”

Kenny Wallace via Kenny Wallace YouTube

Former NASCAR Cup Series driver Kenny Wallace turned analyst shared his thoughts on Denny Hamlin admitting to wrecking Ross Chastain at the end of the United Rentals Work United 500 at Phoenix Raceway this past weekend.

Denny Hamlin via Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Dirty Mo Media YouTube

Hamlin made the admission during a segment of the Actions Detrimental podcast saying multiple times he meant to fence him.

He said, “I’m about to get passed by everybody behind me who is on fresh tires. I’m about to finish in the mid teens. And  I said, ‘You’re coming with me, buddy.’ It wasn’t a mistake. No, it wasn’t a mistake. I let the wheel go and I said, ‘He’s coming with me.'”

Denny Hamlin doors Ross Chastain during the United Rentals Work United 500 at Phoenix Raceway via NASCAR YouTube

Hamlin later reiterated it was done on purpose saying, “I saw that we were the only people up top so I said, ‘I’m gonna send him in the fence and door him.'”

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While he admitted to fencing Chastain, he also indicated they discussed it following the race and came to a truce.

Hamlin relayed, “I just think we need to just race each other with better respect from this point forward and that’s what I hope to get out of this. He asked for a truce. I asked for a truce. And let’s just see how it goes from here.”

Denny Hamlin via Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Dirty Mo Media YouTube

Wallace reacted to Hamlin’s admission, and more importantly people calling for Hamlin to be penalized.

He said, “Some people going, ‘We need a penalty!’ I’m thinking to myself, ‘How many would the great Dale Sr. have been penalized?’ People have been wrecking people for years, people. You want entertainment let it be. It didn’t cause a caution.”

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Wallace would later say, “Laughing to myself, guy says, ‘What does Denny Hamlin’s sponsors think about it?’ I’m like, ‘I wonder what GM Goodwrench said when Dale Sr. did what he did?’ They probably said, ‘That was awesome! That was awesome!'”

Still later he added, “Ross Chastain is no choir boy.”

Ross Chastain via NASCAR YouTube

He concluded noting, “Dale Earnhardt Jr. hired Denny Hamlin to be on Actions Detrimental, right? And that is in the rule book at the end. Actions Detrimental. But Dale Jr. hired Denny Hamlin for Dirty Mo Media content. So you should be a fan of his.”

What do you make of Wallace’s reaction to Hamlin’s admission that he fenced Chastain?

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