Bubba Wallace via Fronstretch YouTube

Bubba Wallace revealed in a pre-race media scrum that drivers were informed that NASCAR “is an entertainment business.” He also shared his opinion that the Bristol Dirt Race is a gimmick and it’s time to leave it behind.

Bubba Wallace via NASCAR YouTube

Speaking to the media ahead of Sunday night’s race, Wallace was asked whether he’d like to see the race continue as a dirt race or return to concrete.

He answered, “I’m ready for it to go back. I feel like it’s run its course, honestly. It’s fun. It’s exciting. First couple of laps it was like, ‘Oh okay,’ but — I don’t know, man. I think we’re trying to chase something that is…”

“We were told last week that this is an entertainment business. So the concerns we have with certain race tracks doesn’t matter because it’s entertainment. It’s here to stay, it’s here to stay,” Wallace revealed.

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He continued, “Obviously, after the first race you’re like, ‘Ah, yeah, okay. I think you can move on from it.’ But now it’s — it’s a points race so you have to take it serious. We’re doing sim work. We’re having meetings about this stuff. We’re doing analytic prep for this stuff. It’s not like we’re just coming in here, I’m not just coming in here like, ‘Ah whatever it’s a dirt race.’ You got to take it as serious as you can.

“But it’s my personal opinion I’m ready to get back to the concrete,” he reiterated.

Bubba Wallace via NASCAR YouTube

When asked if there should be any dirt racing in Cup, Wallace responded, “I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of fun on dirt. I respect what dirt guys do. But for our sport and Cup cars, not really. I think this is all just, to me, a gimmick now.”

He added, “No, not really. There’s just something about it. Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on dirt. I love watching dirt racing and I think those guys are absolute animals; they’re nuts.”

“I told myself, now, and my wife has told me I’ll never be able to climb into a Sprint car just because how crazy they are. But I always told myself I would never do that.”

Bubba Wallace via NASCAR YouTube

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Returning to whether Cup cars should race on dirt, Wallace added, “But our cars on dirt and the way we race around each other on dirt: nah. It’s just not a good formula.”

“It may be entertaining. which if that’s the case then we’re winning, right? But as far as driving and competing, it just doesn’t feel right,” he concluded.

Brad Keselowski, who not only drives, but is also an owner, also shared his thoughts ahead of the race about whether the dirt race should stay.

He said, “Ask me when I see the crowd Sunday. That depends, you know, people watch it, they show up then I guess, but if they don’t then probably not. I think the fans ultimately are the ones that vote with their wallet and their eyeballs.”

Keselowski also indicated the race has lost its luster, he explained, “If you’re gonna have a special event I don’t think you do it more than two years. I think it kind of losses its luster after the second year. No matter what it is, not just here, but any of the ones that we do. So, you gotta keep it fresh. We’re in the era now of social media and instant gratification and things are cool real quick and then they’re not cool real quick.”

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During the NASCAR Raceday Show at Bristol, Kenny Wallace revealed to Kyle Busch he did a poll and that the fans want the race to return to the concrete.

Busch then shared his thoughts on matter saying, “Kyle Larson is a dirt guy, right? And if the dirt guy says we don’t need to be running these cars on dirt let’s not do it. I enjoy dirt racing. I think it’s fun. We’ve had a lot of great times with Brexton racing on dirt, going to the short tracks at Millbridge and across the country running dirt stuff whether it’s been go-karts, junior Sprints, micros, me running dirt late models, all that stuff.”

“I’ve got nothing against the dirt, it’s just these cars don’t belong on the dirt,” Busch asserted. “You want to run a dirt race with the Cup guys, bring a dirt car. Let’s go all race in dirt cars together. So that’s how I see it.”

What do you make of Wallace’s comments? Do you think the NASCAR Cup Series should continue racing on the dirt or Bristol or is it to go back to the concrete?

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