Tiger Woods via The Masters YouTube, screenshot

Buckle up, golf enthusiasts, because we’re about to tee off on a journey through the life of a golf titan, Tiger Woods.

Whether you’re an avid fan or just curious about the guy you’ve heard made golf ‘cool,’ here’s a rundown on ten facts that help paint the picture of this legend.

Tiger Woods via DP World Tour YouTube, screenshot

Child Prodigy

Born as Eldrick Tont Woods in 1975, Tiger showed an aptitude for golf before he even started school. By the age of 2, he was putting on Bob Hope’s television show. This early start undoubtedly laid the foundation for his unparalleled career.

Stanford Scholar

Before he was winning PGA Tours, Woods was hitting the books. He attended Stanford University on a golf scholarship and played for two years, making an unmistakable mark in collegiate golf.

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A Record-Breaking Master

In 1997, at the tender age of 21, Woods not only became the youngest player to win the Masters but did so with an unprecedented 12-stroke lead. Talk about making an entrance!

The “Tiger Slam”

Between 2000 and 2001, Tiger achieved what is informally called the “Tiger Slam” by holding all four major championship titles at once – a feat no other golfer has managed in the modern era.

Tiger Woods via PGA Tour YouTube, screenshot

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A Brush with the Military

Outside of golf, Woods has shown interest in the military, even considering leaving golf to become a Navy SEAL at one point. He’s undergone training exercises just to get a taste of the rigorous military life.

More Than Just Golf

Woods has also authored a book, “The 1997 Masters: My Story,” where he details his first-ever major win. If you’re looking for a first-hand account of golfing excellence, it’s a must-read.

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Giving Back

Tiger isn’t just about the greens and fairways. He established the TGR Foundation in 1996, which provides STEM curricula for educators, college-access programs for students, and training for advocacy workers.

A Roller Coaster Career

After facing personal scandals and a slew of injuries, many believed Woods’ career was over. But, in a captivating twist, he clinched the 2019 Masters, marking one of the most significant comebacks in sports history.

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Elite Company

With his 82 PGA Tour victories, Woods shares the record for the most wins with Sam Snead. An astounding accomplishment that encapsulates his enduring excellence.

The Billion-Dollar Athlete

In 2009, Tiger became the first professional golfer to earn more than a billion dollars during his career, a testament to his prowess both on and off the course.

For all the ups and downs, the championships and challenges, Tiger Woods remains an indelible figure in the realm of golf and the wider world of sport. His story is a testament to talent, resilience, and an unyielding passion for the game.

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