Paige Spiranac
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Golf star Paige Spiranac has her fans very excited right now after teasing a “legendary” collaboration with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Spiranac Teases Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Collaboration

Daily Mail reported that Spiranac, 30, took to her Instagram Story on Monday to tease this collaboration.

“You guys know I would never steer you in the wrong direction,” she said. “And I think you should go follow Sports Illustrated Swimsuit something legendary is about to happen.”

SI Swimsuit is set to celebrate its 60th anniversary this year with a “Legends” photoshoot that has already been scheduled. At the time of this writing, it’s unclear if Spiranac will be featured in this shoot, or if she has a separate collaboration planned with the magazine.

Spiranac’s Previous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Appearance

Spiranac previously graced the front cover of SI Swimsuit back in 2018, when she confessed that the move helped her deal with suicidal thoughts. 

“I finally took back what is mine,” she said at the time. “I took back my body, I took back my sexuality and, ‘You guys want to see sexy? I’m going to do sexy and I’m going to do it my way.'”

“It was really liberating to be myself and not feel I’m less than someone else or less of a person or that I haven’t accomplished anything or that I’m a slut or my parents hate me or all of these things people call me everyday and really embrace this sexy side and be confident and love who I am and love the skin I’m in,” she added.

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Spiranac’s History

Spiranac played professional golf for just one year before stepping away from it because she felt “mentally exhausted.” Since then, she’s become a social media star, garnering nearly four million followers on Instagram.

“Instead of sitting down and feeling sorry for myself, I picked myself back up and threw myself into my media work,” she said last year. “My background of just grinding, hard work has really helped me in my media career, because I work so incredibly hard.”

“And the difference is here, the harder I work, the more successful I’ve become and I think that’s why it’s been a more fulfilling journey for me than professional golf… the outcome is positive,” she continued.

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Spiranac Addresses Breasts Rumors

In November of last year, Spiranac spoke out to address rumors about her growing breasts.

“They’ve actually gotten a lot bigger, and so I can see a lot of people being confused by like when I first started this,” Spiranac said, according to Fox News. “I’ve always had, like, a chest, but not like this. And it’s because I’ve gained weight and I’ve talked about all those reasons.”

“But I can see why people question it, and they’re confused sometimes because it’s like, one week they’re here and one week they’re there and, like, next year they’re here and it’s like, what is going on? I don’t know. I don’t know,” she added. “It’s just that the human body is a magical thing.”

It remains to be seen what Spiranac’s collaboration with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit will look like, but we’re sure it’ll be a big hit!