Bryce James, LeBron James
Lori Schmidt / Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s the offseason for LeBron James and his family. Which, for his son Bryce James, means having fun by playing jokes on his mother, Savannah James, LeBron’s high school sweetheart turned wife and mother of his three children.

Bryce, age 17, is the middle child of the James family, and like his dad and his older brother Bronny, he plays basketball.

Estimated to be 6-foot-6 and 180 pounds, Bryce mostly plays shooting guard for Sierra Canyon School in California, a popular place for top athletes in LA.

Yet, when Bryce isn’t working on his game, he’s working on his other gaming skills, where he apparently has a tendency to let the curse words fly. Naturally, hearing these sharp words come out of her son’s mouth doesn’t make Savannah happy, and now she’s considering making changes to her parenting style.

It probably didn’t help that Bryce found a way to embarrass his mom on her own podcast titled ‘Everybody’s Crazy.’ Though, based on her response, we’d argue that Savannah wasn’t embarrassed by her son at all. Still, Bryce prank-calling his own mother delivered a gem of a clip for social media to devour.

You almost feel bad for how clueless she was, but that’s the beauty of a prank call, especially when you know the target. For Bryce it was a hilarious moment that he’ll likely remind his mom about any chance he gets. Savannah might not feel the same way, but it seems like she was a good sport about the whole ordeal.

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