Rob Gronkowski
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During Netflix’s live Tom Brady comedy roast, Rob Gronkowski found himself as the butt of several jokes. But one area where he escaped criticism was not being roped into Brady’s business involvements for being a paid spokesman for FTX, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that went bankrupt after committing fraud.

Nikki Glaser joked, “Me know that not real money.”

Yet, while Gronk didn’t get involved with Brady on the FTX investment, he did reportedly become associated with another failed cryptocurrency exchange known as Voyager Digital. Now, he, along with two other high-profile athletes have been forced to pay some serious coin for their involvement.

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Rob Gronkowski, Victor Oladipo, and Landon Cassill Fork Over $2.4M

Rob Gronkowski
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According to a class action settlement filed on May 3, Rob Gronkowski, Victor Oladipo, and NASCAR’s Landon Cassill have collectively agreed to pay $2.42 million for their involvement with Voyager Digital. Gronk is reportedly paying the largest amount, at $1.9 million.

Oladipo is on the hook for $500,000, and Cassill will chip in $25,000.

The three stars are agreeing to pay the settlement, but they are not admitting, nor denying any accusations.

A legal representative noted that these settlements are largely thanks to the athletes who “really wanted to help their fans.”

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