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Basketball fans had a field day with their reactions to Angel Reese after a play she made against the Dallas Wings Thursday afternoon.

The clip shows Reese make a steal, promptly quadruple dribble, and carry her way down the court to an uncontested layup.

A five-year-old trying to run past his dad on his way to the Fisher Price hoop would have committed fewer violations than can be seen in the video.

Yet somehow, not one official managed to see and/or call the first double dribble, the second double dribble, the carry, or the travel.

Take a look at this ball-handling travesty of justice.

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Angel Reese Got Away With … A Lot

This is, of course, completely on the WNBA refs working the game. It is incumbent upon them to make the many calls they could have against the Chicago Sky rookie.

But Reese knows she got away with quite a bit on the play. Just watch how she can’t help but laugh after scoring and racing back down the court.

Fans hammered her using her own famous line about some players in the WNBA – like her nemesis Caitlin Clark – having a “special whistle.”

“Some players get a special whistle,” one person wrote on X after watching the clip.

Another joked, “Special no whistle.”

Others were a little more creative with their amusing takes.

“Wow, the ultra-rare quadruple dribble,” one sports enthusiast remarked. “I’ve seen them in captivity, but never one in the wild like that.”

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About That Special Whistle

I mean, sure those jokes were pretty obvious and practically set up on a tee after the series of no-calls, but they were still effective.

And well-deserved.

Angel Reese this past weekend clubbed WNBA megastar Caitlin Clark in the head while attempting to make a basketball play – in her mind – then complained about the refs having a “special whistle” for her opponent.

The blow to the head resulted in a foul call that was upgraded to a flagrant foul 1 after a video review showed the obvious violent hit.

Reese and the Sky lost to Clark’s Indiana Fever in that game but bounced back in their win against the Wings, 83-72.

Angel set a record during the game becoming the first rookie to deliver a seventh straight double-double.

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