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Serena Williams is an icon of women’s tennis and a giant in women’s sports generally.

So it’s worth hearing what she has to say when it comes to women’s sports. Most recently, she spoke on the red-hot topic of Caitlin Clark, and what she had to say was important.

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Serena Williams Praises Caitlin Clark

The tennis legend Serena Williams offered praise for Caitlin Clark, and some back-up in the case of Clark’s haters.

Speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival, Williams was asked what she thinks about the whole Clark situation.

“I was bullied. Things that I had to go through, people would be canceled for saying now,” Williams said, commiserating with Clark’s situation.

“I love that she tries to stay grounded. She says she doesn’t look at her social [media]. I get it. I don’t either. I think it’s so important to just continue to do what she’s doing. No matter what other people do. Hopefully she’ll continue to do what she’s doing.”

Bringing up social media is an interesting point. While it can be incredibly useful, obviously the trade-off is that people can be nasty. And as Williams says, Clark doesn’t need that bad ju-ju on top of everything else she’s dealing with.

As for the haters, Serena Williams had a simple message for Caitlin Clark: “If people are negative, it’s because they can’t do what you do.” 

Let’s see if that’s true!

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Caitlin Clark: By The Numbers

Caitlin Clark is currently 9th in the WNBA in total points, with 242.

She’s third in the league in assists, with 93, and 20th in rebounds, despite being a point guard. Clark is tied for 17th in steals. She’s 7th in free-throw percentage, and second in three-pointers.

If you add that all up, it ain’t bad for a rookie. Heck, it ain’t bad for a vet. Not bad at all.

Keep in mind – these rookies went directly from college to the pros with no off-season break!

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