Dustin Little and Jeff Byers via FloRacing

Dustin Little had enough of Jeff Byers after he was involved in multiple run-ins with DJ Little during the Street Stock race at Hickory Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

Dustin Little via AirDoug YouTube

It all started on Lap 16 of the 30 lap Street Stock feature when Byers clearly ran into the rear of DJ Little as the two drove down into turn one. The contact sent Little spinning around and bringing out the caution.

On the following restart, DJ Little would start right behind Byers and ride around behind him for a couple of laps before DJ Little spun out by himself coming out of turn four. The spin would bring out another caution.

DJ Little and Jeff Byers via FloRacing

The next restart saw DJ Little start at the rear of the field due to the wreck, but he would get a huge run as the green flag came out bringing him to the inside of Byers as the two came onto the back stretch. It appeared the two made contact, with Byers pulling ahead.

However, going into turn three Little would pull to the inside of Byers but they continued to race side by side. The two would make significant contact coming out of turn four with Little riding way up the track and Byers spinning out.

Following the wreck, Hickory Motor Speedway track announcer Jason Sherrill would inform viewers on FloRacing, “A stern warning coming from NASCAR race control for the 64 and the 11, the Jeff Byers and DJ Little machines. They have been told if they touch one more time tonight they will be parked.”

DJ Little via FloRacing

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When they went green again, Dustin Little would use his vehicle to trap Byers behind him while DJ Little passed him on the bottom.

Byers would then ram into the rear of Dustin Little’s vehicle spinning him out on the back stretch right after the two came out of turn two.

DJ Little, Dustin Little, and Jeff Byers via FloRacing

Tempers then erupted during the caution as Sherrill revealed that Byers spun out DJ Little. “And Jeff Byers turning — Ohhh! He gets airborne. These two are going at it it turn one and two.”

Dustin Little, who had pulled into the pits during the caution, then stormed onto the track and accelerated into the rear end of Byers as he just finished turning his car around after the incident with DJ Little.

Take a look at it all:

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DJ Little would be met by law enforcement officers when his car came to a stop on pit road. He would then be escorted off the track after he removed his helmet and part of his fire suit.

DJ Little via FloRacing

The race would eventually go back to green with Cody DeMarmels exerting control and taking the victory over Nataniel “Boo” Carlisle becoming the ninth different winner in the Street Stock division at Hickory Motor Speedway this year.

Little and Byers are in a tight race for the Street Stock division championship. Before the race DJ Little sat in second with 382 points while Byers was in third with 364. The two drivers were trailing Jon Austin who has 468 points.

Cody DeMarmels and Nataniel “Boo” Carlisle via FloRacing

What do you make of Dustin Little’s ramming of Jeff Byers?

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