Aaron Rodgers via The Joe Rogan Experience

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers made some bold comments during his recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience opposite host Joe Rogan.

Aaron Rodgers via Green Bay Packers YouTube

After a discussion about co-morbidities surrounding people who got Covid and specifically pointing out that being obese is unhealthy, Rogan asserted, “It’s a wild time. People are really conditioned to think that they can take a medication and cure all their ills. And cure almost instantaneously something that has become a problem from lifestyle choices that you have built up over years and years and years of body abuse.”

“So if you abuse your body for so long and then you think all of a sudden that a pain pill or a this or a that pill is going to fix all that,” he continued. “And no one is telling, ‘Hey, you’ve got to lose weight. Hey, you’ve got to drink water. Hey, you should really exercise on a regular basis. Hey, what about vitamins. Do you know about Vitamin D?'”

The two then had a discussion about the percentage of the population that is Vitamin D deficient.

Aaron Rodgers via Green Bay Packers YouTube

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Rodgers then brought the conversation back to Rogan’s comments about people conditioned to think saying, “Something you just said a second ago, I would frame it slightly differently. I think you said people are conditioned to think. I think people are conditioned not to think anymore.”

“They are conditioned to do exactly what they are told by their news station, by their politician; people don’t want to think for themselves anymore,” he added.

Rogan then replied, “Well, they are conditioned to work. Think about if you have a job. The majority of people in this country have a job where you have a boss. The bosses are a very small minority, the majority of people work for that boss. If you work for a corporation they have very strict rules that they’d like you to follow. There’s behavior rules. There’s language rules. There’s dress rules. There’s rules about the time you are supposed to be there and the amount of work you’re supposed to do, and what you are supposed to take home, and what’s required of you.

“People are conditioned to have someone tell them what they can and can’t do. And they get off on Friday and they can’t wait to get drunk. And that’s part of why they want to get drunk. They want to escape. They want to escape this grind of a world,” he posits.

Joe Rogan via The Joe Rogan Experience

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He then elaborated, “A person who can become autonomous, a person who can have their own job where it’s their business or its their product that they’re selling or their art that they’re selling or something where you can be self-sufficient. That is the biggest freedom that a person can have in this culture. And most people don’t have that freedom.”

“So most people are conditioned to have someone lay the rules out for them, tell them when they are supposed to be there, tell them what they get when they work for an hour,” he said. “Most people don’t have the ability to just think for themselves. It’s been taken away from them because they want to make a living,” he concluded.

Rodgers then shifted the conversation to student loans.

What do you make of Rodgers’ comments about people being conditioned to not think anymore? What do you make of Rogan’s response?

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