Vanessa Bryant via NBA YouTube

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, posted a touching photo to her personal Instagram account today honoring her late husband on what would have been his 44th birthday.

Vanessa Bryant via NBA YouTube

“Happy birthday, baby!” captioned Vanessa Bryant as she posted a photo of her and Kobe from way back in 2009. “I love you and miss you so much! #44 ❤️ @kobebryant”

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant got married in April of 2001. Tragically, Kobe and their daughter Gigi died in a tragic helicopter accident in January of 2020.

Source: Vanessa Bryant Instagram

While the last two years have been extremely difficult for Bryant’s surviving family, some form of closure may be coming soon in the form of victory regarding their current civil lawsuit.

Vanessa and co-plaintiff Chris Chester, who’s wife and daughter also perished in the same helicopter crash, have been in a legal battle with the Calabasas Country sheriff’s and fire department after it was revealed that employees of both departments who arrived at the scene of the crash used personal cell phones to take photos of the deceased at the scene of the crash.

Bryant and Chester’s attorney has asked the jury to award the plaintiffs $75 million, as well as $2.5 million additionally to each of them for emotional damages caused by the defendants plus $1 million annually to Vanessa Bryant for forty years and Chester for thirty years.

Kobe Bryant via Valuetainment YouTube

The defendants in the trial claim that the photos were never posted online and were also deleted shortly after they had been discovered. However, one of the fire chiefs who had the photos on his laptop turned in his laptop during the investigation into this matter without the hard drive, claiming not to know where the hard drive, and the photos on it, currently is.

Do you believe that the plaintiff’s request of $75 million and additional punitive payments will be awarded to them by the jury?

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