Baker Mayfield via Carolina Panthers YouTube

Baker Mayfield, the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, denied using an expletive while allegedly trash talking the Cleveland Browns ahead of their match up in week of the NFL season.

Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers vs. Buffalo Bills via Carolina Panthers YouTube

Cynthia Frelund claimed on the Around the NFL podcast that Mayfield used an expletive while trash talking the Cleveland Browns following the Panthers 21-0 victory over the Buffalo Bills in their final preseason game.

She stated, “It was on the field after the game against the Bills. It was preseason game 3. And I walked up to him and like, ‘I’m so excited to see you!’ I was like, ‘Kick some butt.’ I didn’t say that word, but you know, ‘Kick some butt, kid!’ Like ‘Go kick some butt!’ Especially week 1. I cannot wait.”

“And he used some expletives and I was like, ‘I just hope your like ready!’ He’s like, “I’m gonna bleep them up!’

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However, Mayfield denied saying those words while talking to the press.

He stated, “Well, first, I didn’t say it. Obviously, everybody’s going to write whatever story they want. There’s history that I played there the last four years.”

“I’m an extremely competitive person. Everybody knows that. If I wasn’t wanting to win then there would be a really big issue of me being the quarterback here. I want to win in everything I do. That’ll never change.”

“Now, that is not how I phrased it. That’s not even what I said. So I’ll just leave it at that,” he concluded.

When asked how he phrased it, Mayfield responded, “I didn’t even say anything.”

He did admit he talked to Frelund and added, “I think she addressed it. She said it. Obviously, you guys can go back and look at what she said. All I did was agree and I hope we win. It’s pretty plain and simple. I’m competitive. I want to win. And I don’t think that should be harped on.”

Baker Mayfield via Carolina Panthers YouTube

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Mayfield went on to provide some details about the conversation, “She said I looked happy, looked healthy, looked like I was in a good place. I said, ‘Yeah! Yeah.’ She said, ‘I hope you go take it over’ and obviously descriptive, but I said, ‘Yeah, me too.’ So that’s the extent of it.”

“It’s obviously a bigger story because I haven’t given the media what they’ve wanted me to give them this year in this off season. So this is what they think that I’ve said and it’s not. So take it and run with it, but I know what I did and our team knows what I said so it’s all right,” he criticized the media.

Baker Mayfield via Carolina Panthers YouTube

Mayfield was drafted first overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft. During his four seasons with the Browns, he threw for a total of 14,125 yards, 92 touchdowns, and 56 interceptions.

After the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson and signed him to a contract extension, Mayfield requested a trade. He was traded to the Panthers for a 2024 conditional fifth-round draft pick. He beat out Sam Darnold for the starting QB position against the Browns in Week 1.

Baker Mayfield via Carolina Panthers YouTube

What do you make of Mayfield calling out the media and setting the record straight?

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